EA Prereq 2

EA Prereq 2

Minimum Energy Performance

Comply with ASHREA/IESNA 90.1-2004 or local energy code.


Minimum Energy Performance Intent

Establish the minimum level of energy efficiency for the tenant space systems.


Systems= lighting, HVAC, appliances and equipment

Requirements for Minimum Energy Performance
Design potions of the building as covered by the tenant’s scope of work to comply with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2004 or the local energy code, whichever is more stringent.
Potential Technologies ; Strategies for Minimum Energy Performance
Design the systems in the tenant’s scope of work to maximize energy performance. Use a computer simulation model to assess the energy performance and identify the most cost effective energy measueres.  Quantify energy performance as compared to the baslines building.
What has been deemed to be more stringent than 90.1 for LEED purposes?
California Title 24 2001
The provisions of this standard do not apply to:
single-family houses, multi-family structures of three habitable stories or fewer above grade, manufactured houses (mobile and modular homes), building that do not use either electricity or fossil fuel, or equipment and portions of buildings systems that use energy primarily for industrical, manufacturing or commercial processes.
What requirements are provided for semi-heated spaces, such as warehouses?
Building envelope
Within each section, there are mandatory provisions that must always be complied with, as well as additional prescriptive requirements.  Some setions aslo contain ______________
a performance alternate
The _____________ allows the user to exceed some of the prescriptive requirements provided energy cost savings are made in other areas. 

Energy Cost Budget Method


*However, in all cases, he mandatory provisions must still be met.

Energy Cost Budget Method is the same as:
a computer simulation
In LEED CI, the prerequisite limits the application of teh standard to the tenant’s scope of work to allow those locating in an existing core and shell building to certify their project without having to force the building owner to________
make revisions to existing systems.
Project teams may not arbitrarily delineate a tenant scope of work to what?
circumvent the application of the standard
Section 2.1 (of 90.1) of the standard specifies mimimum energy efficiency requirements for the following construction types

  1. new buildings and their systems
  2. new protions of building and their systems
  3. new systems and equipment in existing buildings

The thrid approach applies to most commercial interior projects and is addressed in this discussion.; As stated in Section;alterations of existing buildgings shall comly with:
provisions of Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, so that in meeting the provisions there is no increase in the building’s energy consumption.
What type of exceptions does the standard have?
Historic buildings and 24-hour facilities
Section 9.4 decribes the mandatory provisions for automatic lighiting shutoff, space controls, exterior lighting controls, additional controls including:
tandem wiring, exit signs, exterior building and grounds lighting.
Buildings ___________ must have an automatic control device to shut off building lighting in all spaces.
OVER 5000 SF
The shut-off device may be a programmable control to schedule time-of-day control for areas no greater than____________.
25,000 SF, but no less than every floor.
The aprroach ma use occupant sensors to turn lights off within ______ of an occupant leaving  space, or a signal from another control or alarm system that indicates the area is unoccupied.
30 minutes
A space conrol device must be provided in each space enclosed by __________ partitions and if the "on" function is manual.
In all other spaces, the "on" function may be either manual or an occupancy sensor.  There must be at least one control for every _____ for 10,000 SF or less and at least one every 10,000 SF if larger.
2500 SF
Use either the prescriptive approach OR
the Energy Cost Budget Method
The _____________ requires the simulation of the proposed design and a budget case that follows the prescriptive requirements of each section.
Energy Cost Budget (ECB)
If ECB is used to demonstrate compliance with EA PREQ 2, note that the only permitted trade-offs between _____ may be within the project space.
regulated systems
For Additional Documentation
Include a table listing budget and esign quantities similar to that included in the EA templates for C1.3. Explain which model variables were constant and changed between ECB and the Design Energy Cost.