early 17th century british literature

who wrote mostly poems centered around “carpe diem” , time is fleeting, and make love now poems
Robert Herrick

the intellectual examination of an analogy/comparison of the microcosm and macrocosm
a system within a system ; little world, big world

Ptolemy’s universe
earth is the center but everything is equal,

the great chain of being
-an idea that shows the order of hierarchy in God’s creation
-God being supreme being

what types of poems does John Donne write about?
he writes both religious poems and poems concerned with death
he also writes meditations and passionate love poetry

which two early 17th century poets have been called metaphysical poets and what did this label suggest about their writing?
George Herbert and John Donne

what poet wrote what we now call “shaped poetry ” or concrete poetry?
George Herbert

What poet wrote “the flea”?
John Donne

what is the meaning of “the flea”?
the meaning is that the two are now one because their blood is mixed inside the flea so they should just have sex already

which two early 17th century poets have been called Cavalier Poets, those poets who worked with the theme of carpe diem?
Robert Herrick and Richard Lovelace

who did the cavalier poets(herrick and lovelace) support in the English civil war?
they supported Charles 1

what poet fought for Charles 1 in the English civil war?
Richard Lovelace

Andrew Marvell is not considered a cavalier poet. Why could this be so?