Early American Literature Authors

When did early American Literature start?
19th century

What is the Age of Reason?
-also known as the Enlightenment-focused more on reason than faith

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What 3 things led to the American Revolution?
1. The French and Indian War2. The Stamp Act was passed and repealed3. The Boston Massacre

What was the literature like?
-revolved around politics-newspapers and magazines-American government

Who was Benjamin Franklin?
a writer and printer from Philadelphia

What was Benjamin Franklin’s first work?
Poor Richard’s Almanac

What were some of Franklin’s inventions?
-lightening rod-bifocals -stove that used electricity

What is an aphorism?
a short saying with a message

Define moral perfection.
Living without having permanent fault

What are the 13 virtues?

Temperance2. Silence3. Order4. Resolution5.

Frugality 6. Industry7. Sincerity8.

Justice9. Moderation10. Cleanliness11.

Tranquility 12. Chastity 13. Humility

Does Franklin achieve moral perfection?
He doesn’t achieve it but he comes very close.

Even though he didn’t achieve moral perfection, he was a very good person.

How do the 13 Virtues and Poor Richard’s Almanac relate?
Poor Richard’s Almanac includes aphorisms that help you achieve moral perfection and the 13 virtues.

Who Oluadah Equiano?
An African American slave who was kidnapped and survived the Middle Passage. He knew how to read and write, which was rare.

How did Equiano gain his freedom?
he was sick, so he got to be on the top deckfreedom=top deck

Why is this one of the only accounts of the Middle Passage?
They weren’t allowed to read or write, even if they could, which was rare.

What is a slave narrative?
an autobiographical account of life as a slave

What was the Middle Passage?
it was the part of the triangle trade where African Americans were bought and sold.

What conditions on the ship caused people to die?
100’s of slaves that carried disease were crammed into little rooms, where there were no bathrooms.

How were slaves treated inhumane?
They were shackled together and they were put into small and crammed rooms.

Who is Thomas Jefferson?
he was the 3rd president of the United States of America.

He could do everything and he was a part of the Louisiana Purchase.

What is persuasion writing?
writing or speech meant to get readers or listeners to think or act in a certain way.

What are the implications of signing your name to the Declaration of Independence?
-Treason; if the document was not passed then you would get killed for going against the king-You were signing your name away

What is hypocritical about the Declaration of Independence?
We’re demanding for our freedom, when we’re denying so many people of their own freedom (slaves)