Early Childhood Life And Events

Human growth and development starts as soon as conception takes place. As soon as a child enters into the world, they connect with their mother and a bond is formed. This bond is important because a mother and the child’s family life can influence them throughout their life. In this comprehensive paper, will give some in site on my life as well as discuss several topics which feel has had a negative and positive impact on my growth and development as a child and an adult.

Early Development As much as I can remember, by mother was a hard working woman who always worked two jobs and my father had his own business hauling trash. My mother was a strong tempered, outgoing person. She was the type of woman who held her family together. She taught my siblings and me how to strive for the best in life. My mother told me when she was carrying me; I would kick and do all kinds of flips in her stomach. Was always on the move. Some people might say personality does not start in the womb.

I believe otherwise. Personality development is the development involving the ways hat the enduring characteristics that differentiate one person from another change over the life span (Feldman, 2014). I am the second from the youngest child. I have a sister that is younger than I. As I stated, my mother worked two jobs. Since, she worked so much, she want not able to be home to control things as a mother should have. Although, my mother worked all the time, she was still able to go to church every Sunday.

My siblings and I had to go to church as well. We felt we were being tortured, but we went anyway. We were taught to obey our parents. Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is sight. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land (Ephesians 6:1-4). My older siblings had to take care of me. As I look back on the situation, realize, I suffered temper problems because was the youngest of seven.

To be the youngest of seven children, had to defend myself because I was small. My older sister took on the role of teaching me how to read and write. So, when entered into school, I was able to read books that my classmates COUld not because she would read romance novels which made me inquisitive. Piglet’s view that children learn much about the world by acting on objects in their environment (Feldman, 2014). Middle Childhood and Diversity went to school in Cookie, NC.

The town live in was basically all family and we all went to the same school together. During that time, schools were not integrated. They did not become segregated until the Brown vs. The Board of Education Law was passed. The Brown case was a class action suit named after Oliver Brown of Kansas, who sued on behalf of his daughters, Linda and Darlene Brown, minors (Simmons, 2008). Once schools were segregated, the temper I developed got worse because had to fight with white kids.

I was use to fighting at home with my siblings but, having to fight at school caused more anger within me. After a few years the fighting subsided and I was able to get along with most of my classmates. However, the racial barriers still continues. Adolescence years Children who live in a good healthy family system as well as the family as a whole can easily be noticed because they are able to handle the stressful tension most families have to deal with. Not every family has the same problems.

Some families have children who rebel by doing drugs or always running away. While other families have children who are good and do not get into any trouble. All In all, it is Wise to spend time as a family doing things as a family because this will strengthen your family as a whole. I was one of those children who did not get into trouble. While was in high school, was never interested in hanging with the boys who got into trouble. I was the type of kid who played football and enjoyed shooting my gun with my older brothers.