Earth Science

 Process by which precipitation that has fallen on land trickles into the ground. 
 Zone of saturation
 Region below the Earth’s surface in which groundwater fills all the pores of material. 
 Water table
 Upper boundary of the zone of saturation 
 Zone of aeration
 Area above water table.

  Materials are moist, but not saturated. 

 Tendency of material to let water pass through it. 
 Water flows through permeable sediment and rock into large pore spaces.
 Impermeable layers that are barriers to groundwater flow. 
 Natural discharges of groundwater.


 Hot springs
 Springs with temperatures higher than the human body. 
 Explosive hot springs. 
 Natural underground opening with a connection to the surface. 
 A depression in the ground caused by the collapse of a cave 
 Karst topography
 Limestone regions that have sinkholes and disappearing streams. 
 Hangs from the cave’s ceiling 
 Grow from cave floor 
 Difference between original water table and water level in a pumped well.


 Water from precipitation replenishes the water content of an aquifer. 
 Artesian well
 An aquifer that contains water under pressure