Earth timeline

Event I:
4.56 Billion years ago
Earth forms
Event II:
4.4 Billion years ago
Oldest mineral grain found
Event III:
4.1 Billion years ago
Oldest piece of rock ever found
Event IV:
3.9 Billion years ago
Oldest evidence of a continent
Event V:
3.8 Billion years ago
First evidence of life
Event VI:
3.5 Billion years ago
First fossils (Algae & Bacteria)
Event VII:
1.8 Billion years ago
Free O2 in atmosphere
Event VIII:
1.1 Billion years ago
First fossil of a complex organism (a worm)
Event IX:
540 Million years ago
First abundant life found in the rock record
Event X:
460 Million ago
First fish
Event XI:
440 Million ago
First land plants
Event XII:
410 Million ago
First land animals
Event XIII:
250 Million ago
Largest mass extinction
Event XIV:
247 Million ago
First dinosaurs
Event XV:
240 Million ago
First mammals
Event XVI:
220 Million ago
Break-up of super continent Pangaea begins
Event XVII:
145 Million ago
First flowering plants
Event XVIII:
65 Million ago
Dinosaurs & other animals go extinct
Event XIX:
30 Million ago
Mammals/Flowering plants become abundant
Event XX:
5 Million ago
Beginning of Cascade
Event XXI:
1.8 Million ago
First primate in genus Homo
Event XXII:
40,000 ago
First Homo Sapiens
Event XXIII:
13,000 ago
Humans first inhabit North America
Event XXIV:
10,000 ago
End of last Ice Age
Event XXV:
8,000 ago
Founding of Jericho,the first known city
Event XXVI:
2,000 ago
Roman domination of the World
Event XXVII:
500 ago
European rediscovery of the americas
Humans first explore the moon