Earth Timeline

Event 1:4.56 Billion Years Ago
Earth Forms
Event 2:4.4 Billion Years Ago
Oldest Mineral Grain Found
Event 3:4.1 Billion Years Ago
Oldest Evidence of Rock Found
Event 4:3.9 Million Years Ago
First Evidence of a Continent
Event 5:3.8 Billion Years Ago
First Eveidence of Life
Event 6:3.5 Billion Years Ago
First Fossils(Algae and Bacteria)
Event 7:1.8 Billion Years Ago
Free O2 in Atmosphere
Event 8:1.1 Billion Years Ago
First fossil of a Complex Creature Found
Event 9:540 Million Years Ago
First abundant life found in the rock record
Event 10:460 Million Years Ago
First Fish
Event 11:440 Million Years Ago
First Land Plants
Event 12:410 Million Years Ago
First Land Animals
Event 13:250 Million Years Ago
Largest Mass Extinction
Event 14:247 Million Years Ago
First Dinosaurs
Event 15:240 Million Years Ago
First Mammals
Event 16:220 Million Years Ago
Break up of super continent Pangea
Event 17:145 Million Years Ago
First Flowering Plants
Event 18:65 Million Years Ago
Dinosaurs and other animals go extinct
Event 19:30 Million Years Ago
Mammals/Flowering plants become Abundant
Event 20:5 Million Years Ago
Beginning of Cascade
Event 21:1.8 Million Years Ago
First primate in genus Homo
Event 22:40,000 Years Ago
First Homo Sapiens
Event 23:13,000 Years Ago
Humans First Inhabit North America
Event 24:10,000 Years Ago
End of Last Ice Age
Event 25:8,000 Years Ago
Founding of Jericho, the first known city
Event 26:2,000 Years Ago
Roman domination of the World
Event 27:500 Years Ago
European redicovery of the Americas
Event 28:34 Years Ago
Humans First Explore the moon.