Ecology (succession)


The change in plant, animal and microbial communities in an area following disturbance or creation of a new subtrate.
Pioneer Community
The first plants in a succesional sequence. Most common are Horseweed.
Primary Succession
Plant succession on newly formed soils.
Secondary Succession

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Occurrs on areas where disturbance destroys a community without destroying the soil.


Example: Forest Fires

Climax Community
A community whose population remains stable until disrupted by disturbance.
The sequences of age represented by ecosystem change.
Facilitation Model
Proposes that many species may attempt to colonize newly available space, but only certain species that can be facilitated by the space that is no longer suitable for the pioneer species will be established.
Tolerance Model
Enviornment is less suitable for pioneer species but only favorable for the species that can tolerate the enviornmental change.
Inhibition Model
Pioneer species inhibit colinization by later species. Late successional species come to dominate because the can resist damage due to biological factors.
The absence of change due to no disturbance, resistance or resilience.
The ability of a community to maintain structure/function in the face of disturbance.
The ability to bounce back after a disturbance.