IndividualsHow do plants and animals maintain water balance?
EG behavior and physiology
PopulationWhat factors control population rates?
EG adaptation and extinction
InteractionsHow does soil nutrient availability affect change of materials between plants and mycorrhizal fungi?
EG predation and competition
CommunityHow does disturbance influence the number of species in a community?
EG biological diversity
EcosystemWhat factors control rates of energy fixation by ecosystems?
EG physiochemistry underlying community ecology
LandscapeHow do hedgerows and other vegetated corridors affect the rate of movement by mammals among isolated forest fragments?
EG ecosystem and interconnectedness
RegionHow has geologic history influenced regional diversity within certain groups of organisms?
EG geographic ecology
BiosphereWhat role does concentration of atmopsheric CO2 play in regulation of global temperature?
EG global ecology