Meanwhile, for the corporation, it is becoming even richer and grows annually. Also, including the employer and board of directors, the income of top 10% of population even grows very rapidly. The conflicts between these two groups- employee and employer- are highlighted everyday. The most famous kind of conflict is demo from labor union of big corporation, claiming for the increase of salary and welfare.

And the more important thing is, these divergences of none between these groups do not end in just the money and is leaded to the divergence of other things, such as power, justice, and welfare. In other words, the money distribution status means the distribution status of every other thing in capitalism. Then, why the divergence of money happens, and how does it look like? Mainly, the divergence of money starts from the explosive population growth, rural-to-city migration, and industrialization in late ICC of Europe.

From Richard to Marx, the ICC to ICC economists predicted that the minority but powerful party in the industry-whether it is agriculture or manufacturing- will necessarily takes the large portion of profits, which can be stated as a ‘capital’ income. And it lasted quite really true for about 60 to 70 years, until the ‘labor’ income finally started to grow, but not that high. Actually the gap decreasing between two groups was due to the external accident, such as World War 1 and 2, Great Depression.

When the big external accident happens, the following works to handle the problem pushes the economy forward and makes higher growth rate, which is leaded to the big growth of ‘labor’ income. However, after 1 sass, a little decreased gap between two groups restarted to increase in developed countries such as USA and I-J. It means that the growth rate in those countries was stagnated, that the ‘labor’ income rate decreased while ‘capital’ income rate increased.