Eleven Report

I choose Houston central as a first place for my equines because I want to concentrate on selling products to the office staffs, businessmen, walkers and students. The franchiser can also sell other franchises in my area which will not affect to my business because not only me as the franchisee can open the 7-Eleven’s restaurant in Houston. The one- time initial franchise fee for open a new 7-Eleven restaurant is $70,000 on average and rather than taking a percentage of total sales receipts, royalty fee will be based on store’s gross profit.

So a new restaurant will be opened after 120 days. 7-Eleven began franchising in the united States in 1964 until now with total investment is from $30,800 to $604,500 and today it is offering more opportunities than ever with more than 6,800 stores in the U. S. And Canada and more than 36,000 stores worldwide. With the new franchisee, the franchiser will provide a lot of services such as advertising, merchandising, business consultant, bookkeeping and accounting service, property and equipment and training court.

Joining 7- Eleven, the franchisee can also get a lot of benefits from the franchiser’s services instead of opening an own company, low rate of failure. When the franchisee decides to purchase the franchise from the franchiser, they will receive the special training court to help the franchisee understand how the company work, help them learn how to get the supplies, advertising and everything they need. But if the franchisee wants to cancel the franchise agreement during the time of the contract, they eave to compensate for that.

But if the franchisee doesn’t want to extend the time of the contact more with the franchiser, they can cancel it without any payment, the only thing is the franchiser will take back everything they have given to the franchisee in the beginning of the contact. As think, this franchise is a good opportunity because it is bringing a lot of services for the franchisees, helping the franchisees develop their business and also helping them expand it. Good franchise to open the business!