Emotional Skills

During outside time children will play feeling Simon says if you’re happy run to the aria N.B. wall, if you’re sad run to a friend/teacher and give the a hug Introduction: during circle time I would explain to the children that this week we have a nee lesson plan call feelings. I will ask the older children what are feelings, and ca you name some of them. I would point out to the children that books were added around the room about different types of feelings. To the younger ones I will read them the books and express the meaning by making faces and eye contact.

Introduce When I Feel sad, and When I Feel An grey by: Cornelia Maude Seaplane,give children a chance to talk about what makes them sad, h pappy, or angry by asking open ended questions. Children will come to the table in groups of two, they will choose which colored paper matches their skin, and staff will then ask each child how they would feel if someone hurt their feelings. Children will then choose which ever materials t hey like and make faces Closure: Have children make a feeling chart, have them explain how they felt when the eye came to school today.

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Accommodations for Special Needs Children: children can use play DOD to make their faces, or can use paint and paint a face on a paper plate. Staff will assist mobile infant nuts and toddlers with the activity. Evaluation: I would observe children in the cozy area of the classroom watching themselves sees and facial expressions using a mirror. I WOOL_SLD observe children at the table with the e feelings wheel, also at the table using the feelings matching cards with a paper. Questioning and Bloom’s Taxonomy: When you feel sad what do you do?

How many times have you been angry? Can you tell me why you were sad, happy, etc? What w loud happen if you hurt someone while you were angry? How would you feel if someone gave you u a new toy? How would you feel if someone took something from you? Family Engagement: I will provide the parents a few resources on how to help their children with their feelings at home. Also will give the parents the copy of the lesson Pl an to encourage them to also apply it at home with the children.