Empowering dreamlike drawings, multiple figures, limbs and shapes

Empowering female artists to follow

In Natalie Krim’s dreamlike drawings, multiple figures, limbs and shapes blossom out of one another, describing ecstatic sessions of romantic copulation in a single image. The priority Krim gives to the female form in her compositions, as well as an emphasis on female pleasuring, creates delicate pictorial visions of bursting female orgasms. 

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Krim’s illustrations, which are highly erotic in nature in all manner of repose, self-pleasuring, orgiastic and mellifluously sensual, are feminine and delicate, 

“I am a feminist, but it has nothing to do with my work. I’m not trying to make a statement with it, I’m just showing you my life. “, said Natalie for Autre magazine.

Follow Natalie here: @nataliejhane

Creates A Safe World For Big-Bodied Women Of Color

Although Garza’s own ethnic and cultural identities are evident in her work, her subjects are somewhat racially ambiguous, allowing room for women of many different ethnic and racial locations to see themselves and their bodies validated in her paintings.

“I’ve been told by some friends that they don’t see race, just women. And other people have told me they see black, Asian, Latina, Native American,” Garza explains. “I’m happy that anyone of any race can see themselves in my paintings regardless of whatever culture/ethnicity may or may not be apparent.” Most importantly, Garza says of her work, “I mostly envision myself though, because I see myself every day and I just can’t imagine painting something or someone that I don’t identify with.” Vibe magazine

For many of Garza’s more than 30,000 Instagram followers, the paintings refreshingly celebrate women in their full thunderous glory. It’s a welcome portrayal of confident thick girls who eat good (as in nothing is off limits), stay active, maintain bomb-ass sex lives, and rest when necessary. As some continue to police what full-figured women do with their bodies – whether it’s publicly shaming them for the foods they eat, the clothes they wear, or for their sexuality and sensuality – Garza’s art affirms that round brown women also deserve the good life.

Anna Koak’s caricatures show a reality of womanhood despite their cartoony style. Here, each personality radiates through, taking over so strongly that it’s only after absorbing the story of each woman that we realize they’re all naked. Koak has a profound ability to paint women beyond the erotism of a body without having to hide the body itself.

Anna’s work tells of an evolved individual, matriarchal and powerful yet soft and destructible. It drives me to find the solution and not focus on the problem.

“When I started drawing them I was interested in parts therapy and really interested in creating a woman that felt like feminine archetypes of different emotions my friends or I had been,” she explains. “A person has all these different tropes—like heroin addict or teacher—and they’re all there because they are helping you deal with something.” culturedmag