Enemies within

He was issued “corrective training” by his s quad leader because he fell asleep or forgot his helmet. His “training’ lasted 6 weeks. It alls o went against army policy. Chem. was not allowed to go to a nearby base with senior officers, and others to report his abuse. When he forgot to turn off the water pump after he finished showering. Sheen’s squad mates dragged him across a gravel yard until his back bled. Then they t here rocks at him to simulate artillery. He later took his own weapon and shot himself. The pain was over for Chem.. The weeks of torture was over. He worrying about if al Qaeda was going to huh art him or are his squad mates was over. That was the story of Private Chem.. His squad leader was arrested for assault and two counts of maltreatment, he was sentenced to 1 month in jail. One of his squad mates re chivied a dishonorable discharge and 10 months in jail. Another received 6 months in jaw IL. This is the story of hazing. The military’s definition of hazing is as any conduct whereby one military member causes another military member to suffer or be exposed to an activity that is cruel, abusive, humiliating or oppressive.

The maximum punishment under Article 92 of the uniform code of military justice is abduction discharger forfeit of all pay and allowance, and p to 6 months confinement. Some might say that Pet. Chem. deserved this because he was a junk soldier. H e forgot his helmet, and he fell asleep on duty. “There is only one gauntlet we as Marines go through ugh, and it’s called boot camp,” said 1st SST. Fondant. He is a Marine Stationed at MCCALL Barstow . He is right all the service members have had to go through their respective basic training to qualify them to serve in their branches.

This should be the only “corrective training” a service member should ever need. Next I want to tell you the story of Lance corporal Harry Lee, a Marine serving n Afghanistan. He fell asleep on duty. When he was caught his squad leader issued his squad this statement, “peers should correct peers”. Cup. Less squad then repeatedly punched and k kicked Cup. Lee, they then told him to dig a foxhole and fill sand bags full of sand in the propose s. They then poured the contents of the sandbags in his face.

Lee started choking on sand as in entered him mouth and nose. 20 minutes after the attack ended he shot himself with his o win rifle in the foxhole they forced him to dig. This is another Story Of the brutal reality Of what hazing is. Lee’s Squad leader and Squad was rout marshaled and the charges included assault,cruel treatment, and humility eating. The squad leader was found not guilty. A member of the squad pled guilty and sentence d to 30 days jail and reduced to the rank of FPC. He last and final person to go on trail was found n to guilty. This isn’t justice. My next story is of a soldier with 82 airborne division. He just received a prom Action to sergeant. Young SST. Roach was told to stand still while his acting first SST. Steven Carper term hit him in the chest with a wooden mallet. SST roach then shook Carpenters hand then fell t o the floor, on his ay down he hit a metal chair then the concrete floor, SST. Roach then started to have a seizure.

After the incident SST-Carpenter was ordered to send SST. Roach’s father a letter r explaining the event. It said in part, “l hit your son with a wooden mallet in the chest to Congo adulate him on his promotion, my actions were juvenile and not in line with the Army Values. ” Of art Bragg officials released an official statement: This incident was an unofficial promotion ceremony where the acting first sergeant showed poor judgment. His actions do not represent the noncommissioned leadership in the 82nd Airborne Division.

The NCO (noncommissioned officer) has received punishment under the Uniform Code of Military justice as well as administrative punishment that was placed in his official file and will be taken into consideration whenever his file is reviewed, The NCO fall not go through a curatorial as he was already punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCM). He cannot be punished twice for the same incident under LOCUM, The very foundation of what we do depends on trust, and trust depends on the treatment of all Soldiers with dignity and respect by fellow Soldiers and leaders.

To me the is one of a few case that I ‘eve read where justice has been served so Mathew. SST. Carpenter gave SST. Roach an injury the could be career ending, because if a s reverence is found with epilepsy he is discharged. SST-Carpenter received basically a career ending g punishment but its more administrative than I would want, he never had to step foot in a jail c ell and serve time for what he has done to SST. Roach. You may say that SST. Carpenter didn’t deserve a career ending punishment b cause SST. Roach didn’t die from his injuries.