Eng Group Discussion Outline

Political and institutional factors weak state institutions, elite power struggles and political exclusion, reawaken in social contract and corruption, identity politics all these political factors are heavy enough to conduct wars within or out our country Countries are likely wanted to show off their military strength are the greatest among all nations. The Germans saw that even small nation like Japan with average military strength can start a war and wins a lot of them so why can’ t they also be like Japan since their military strength are much more stronger.

The difference in culture It is inhibited by the Nazi Germany’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Gobbles hat Polish nation is not worthy to be called a cultured nation. The perception of opportunity and justice War starts with unsatisfied needs from people. When unsatisfied is overloaded, rebellion will occur . Effects Reduce in population War will reduce the number of population because people will fight with each other to death for what they want . Many precious life Will been killed during a war especially soldiers who fight for their country and citizens of of the country.

When a war is occurred , citizens of the country may migrate to another safer country in order to save their life’s. Chaos in nation For an example, inter-civil war violence happened in Libya. The violence has escalated into the current 2014 Libyan Conflict since it began in 201 1 . When there’s chaos in nation, the country will no longer in peaceful anymore. Furthermore, the reputation of nation will drop because of wars. Physical and psychological loss Soldiers will suffer on the battlefield. They might lost their body parts during a war or even they might lost their precious life.

Some children will suffer the effects of the cruel ways of the war. Children might have psychological robber during or after a war because they will be frighten by the sudden attack and worry about the next second. Increase in misunderstanding and conflict between citizens in a country War will cause chaos in nation. That is why citizens will increase in conflicts. To make the situation even worse, when citizens are witnessing their relatives become casualties of war and they won’t be able to do anything to help them,This will break their heart and also make their heart filled with angers and rage.

DO you know how serious then this matter will be? The citizens will tart to hate and want to seek for revenge. Rebellion and uprising might soon be happened. Economic Imbalance Economic crisis will happen. The Great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression in the decade preceding World War l. , [f wars continue to happen, there will be a tremendous economic growth decline. Ways to prevent war from happening Avoiding invention of biochemical weapons Nuclear bombs are explosive and destructive biochemical weapons which killed at least 129,000 people in that time. It also obliterated many cities in Japan.

So, all of us should stop inventing these kind of massive destructive weapons to prevent more death and more tragedies. Religious freedom Every religion have the aim to promote the world in which peace and justice flourish everywhere. As we all know, all the religion around the world are just trying to find a way to bring peace to all Of us so just don’t use the religious issue as excuses to start a war. Education A well educated person will not think about wart solve problem but they will use their knowledge to solve it. Parents play an important role on the education .

They should teach them moral values and some effects of war since they are in early age. The new generation plays an important role in the future so they should be well educated in order to prevent unhappy thing happens. Shared institutions and leadership. Courageous leadership cannot be legislated or institutionalized, but it can be fostered by political cultures. Above all, courage is a virtue that charts a radical middle path beyond two equally unpalatable extremes -? cowardice and recklessness. In other words, it is a universal principle that translates into efferent yet similar particular practices.

All cultures can recognize courageous acts, and all can be held to standards of courage – or justice or dignity or indeed peacefulness. Giving the people of the nation fair opportunity and justice The leaders can gain their nation’s peoples trust and calm them down that there will be no war and there will be harmony for everyone if they follows their leader’s footsteps towards peace. Make them feel that they are protected under the nation’s law where these prevents the government or other people from entering another’s enjoyment of his or her life.