Most people believe that school uniforms are good and important but I disagree because they are very expensive to buy and they can be easily ripped and torn. Our school uniforms are very heavy and tight and most people can’t run, play or jump without ripping it. In my opinion not all schools in Australia have school uniforms. Below are my reasons why I think schools shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms.
I strongly disagree that our school should wear a school uniform because our uniform is uncomfortable. You can only buy school uniforms from one shop, which is very inconvenient and expensive. My school uniform is heavy, tight and can be easily torn or ripped, which makes it hard to run, play or jump and it makes everyone sweaty and exhausted after recess and lunch. It is very hard to concentrate in class because of the material it is made of, because it is very itchy. School uniforms also distract students with how itchy they are. It will be very hard to find your friends because you are wearing the same clothes.
School uniforms of the past were required to be worn because there were not a lot of options available to the students and their parents to purchase different types of clothing. It was generally thought that wearing a school uniform somehow enforced discipline and achieved higher grades. In my opinion this is not correct because it is just clothing and children are different and will act differently. Research has shown grades from schools that enforced school uniforms and those who did not enforce them; I believe that it will not make a difference to their school work. School uniforms will also stain when you accidently spill food on it. School uniforms are very expensive and some of the poorer families can’t afford it.
School uniforms prevent students from creativity in their fashion identity. Students need to have confidence of choosing what they wear to school. Much more appropriate clothing can be…