English AS level sample essay – A Street Car Named Desire

This choice is indeed a key moment in each Of the characters lives, Stall’s decision will mean the difference between a rejection of her only sister and family or a divorce from Stanley, her seeming sole mate. The audience watches with an ever changing perspective of each of the characters as they alter their own futures. Balance describes her offer as ‘a plan… To get us both – out! ‘ this suggests that, for it to work, it must be done in secret and may put the sisters in jeopardy. Blanches plans involve them ‘both’ as if she is trapped in New Orleans with her sister.

They are seemingly both prisoners to Stanley, who may be seen as the natural enemy at this point. However, Stella reminds Balance that she may be taking it ‘for granted that am in something that want to get out of’ – it is unlikely that Stella hates Stanley as much as Balance does because she did marry him, however, Balance cannot seen to understand this fact – ‘l can’t believe you’re in earnest’ this complete lack of understanding of her sisters feelings highlights the feeling of separation between the two sisters.

Balance later describes Stanley as ‘Bestial’ as if he is n animal who has snatched Stella from her as if she were his pray. Stanley asks ‘What do you think you two are? A pair of Queens?… I am the king around here’. Blanch?s superior view over Stanley possibly makes the audience think less of her, after all, it is not only Stella who has to make a judgment on which character she trusts more, it is also the audience who are deciding for Stella. When Balance tells Stella that ‘l am not being or feeling at all superior we may criticize her as being hypocritical as this directly disagrees with her views made earlier in the scene.

Balance sees the relationship between Stella and Stanley as ‘brutal desire – just – desire’ whereas the relationship between the two sisters should be a relationship Of love and affection. The significance here is that instead Of just loving each other, there is a sense that Stella needs Stanley, as if her life would not be complete without him, this cannot be said for the love shared between the sisters. This makes Blanches offer seem more and more unlike’ to be accepted, she knows that in a way she has already lost. The love that Blanch has to offer is not as powerful as Stanley more indispensable love of

Stella. Blanches position as Stall’s sister has taken a new meaning, Balance realize: that she is not wanted in the quarter with her sister and she criticizes Stella for leaving her at Belle Reeve ‘l take it for granted that you still have sufficient knowledge of Belle Reeve to find this place.. Possible to live With’ – Blanches idealized view of an old American lifestyle in the south means that she is blinded from the love that her sister shares with Stanley. At this point of the play, the audience may have an increased amount of sympathy for Balance.

Balance remarks quite tragically that Stella is ‘all I’ve got in the world’ – the face that Balance is forced to rely on the ‘the kindness of strangers’ at the end of the play indicates to the audience that Balance has had so much suffering in her life that she should not be blamed for her slightly crazed personality. In many ways, this scene is a major tipping point for Blanches sanity. She came to New Orleans hoping to find her last true supporter, friend and her last piece of family remaining, only to realize that all of that has been taken away from her by somebody that she despises.

Stanley has transformed Stella into an annalistic being. Stella is described etc ’embrace him (Stanley), fiercely, and in full view of Balance’. This is the moment that the audience can visualize the choice that Stella has made, the audience can now see that Stanley has won ‘he grins through the curtains at Balance’ telling her that Stella is his. Stella embraces Stanley ‘fiercely’ suggesting that she does indeed ‘desire’ Stanley and has an annalistic love for Stanley. The grin that Stanley fires at Balance is a sinister way of letting her know that Stella is his.