English Report

In the texts Away- Michael Go and The Fear- Ben Howard the audience discovers the concept that fear, in an individual is more a process than a single moment in life, this is the core idea communicated to the aspiring filmmaker Robert Jones in the visual representation “fear-less” Core Concepts For The Filmmaker

The visual representation determines the different viewpoints of fear and how by being fearful or fearless can interact in individuals lives. The Elements viewed in the visual representation (Fear-Less) consist of: Construction Color Quotes Construction The construction of the report is made up of a cardboard box with two different levels of perceptions, the black side of the Fear-Less shows the side where fear is not a factor and Tom (character out of Away) is seen on top of the world holding a flag to represent life, Tom is living live to the full not phased about his nearing death.

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The white side represents fear and how individuals who are fearful their surroundings of life get sucked in to a spiral. By having one side raised and another side lowered Fear-less encounters different levels of how individuals look at problems in their lives, it also shows how by being fearless or fearful one can either lower or raise their life, therefore effecting their actions undertaken. Fear-Less contrasts between the colors white and black, the white represents fearfulness and how blank open spaces creates thoughts that consume individuals and their actions.

The black side determines the bold ND strong side of Tom and that by being fearless individuals can conquer almost anything in life. The quotes in Fear-less include 1. “L have become what I have feared” 2. “You’ll become a snide girl” 3. “I’m losing the ones I hold dear” These quotes from both Away and The Fear are in the white section of Fear- less and are being sucked down the spiral. This represents the words of Gwen (character out of Away) and Ben Howard (composer of The Fear) who seem doubtful and uncertain. It also shows the irony of Gwen.

Fear in The Fear – Ben Howard The Fear is a song composed by Ben Howard, the song identifies the uncertainty of life and how fear consumes individuals. Howard encounters many concepts through his song including: Howard explores that the lack of direction and lack of desire to succeed which distracts individuals and alienate them from their loved ones, we see this through these words from the song. “Vive been worrying my time here is a little unclear” “I’ve been worrying I’m losing the ones I hold dear” Howard constant theme that reoccurs is the concept of fear consuming individuals, holding back individuals. Vive been worrying that we all live our lives in the confines of fear” By stating this Howard informs the audience that fear is a part of day to day activities in which one has to overcome Howard uses the use of imagery as he verifies the insignificance, irreverent and unimportance of the course of life in relation to the enormity of the earth “Just a blade in the grass, spike unto the wheel” “Just a Grain in the morning air, dark shadow on the hill” Ben Howard uses these words in his composition to portray the point that by finding happiness in yourself then you can experience the world and not be held back by fear.

Fear in Away- Michael Go Fear is represented and shown in Michael Sows Away in many ways including characters, settings and themes, Gwen is a very fearful character in the way that she is so set on her plans for the future she almost isolates herself from her family and community in a way that she believes she IS above everyone else. Act Two, Scene One GWEN: You aggravating? HARRY: Oh… No. Not exactly. We’ve got a tent. JIM: Oh, a tent. Terrific. Miss the old tent sometimes. GWEN: W?eve got a new caravan. Everything in it you could want.

JIM: If you need a couple of stretchers… HARRY: Its a small tent. We just put it up against the car. GWEN: A lean-to? HARRY: That’s it. GWEN: Oho. Sows use of irony portrays Gwenn views on her goals and visions of the future and how she is so caught up she doesn’t realism what she has become, this is seen on page 16, Act Two, Scene Two. “Don’t take on that tone of voice, You’ll end up a snide miss and no one can stand that” Go uses these words in the realization that the audience will discover that in fact she herself is the one with the snide attitude.

When Gwen comes back from the beach crying and releasing what she had done to her friends she overcomes her obsession of her goals and finds happiness within herself allowing her to enjoy her surroundings Tom on the other hand is a fearless character, allowing himself to overcome his nearing death, Go informs the audience that Tom is eager to learn, live life and try new things such as acting, Tom is a very talented actor with the potential to go far with his acting. You’ll be our next Chips Rafter eh, son” Tom also tries to overcome his fear as seen on page 50 Act Four Scene Two when Go explains the revelation of Toms illness, Tom is seen talking to Meg bout his sickness and wants to try anything, even sexual intercourse, for a teenage boy to openly talk about this topic Tom comes across as rather Fearless. Conclusion The purpose of Fear-less was to create a sense of difference in levels of fear for the aspiring Filmmaker.

To make a difference from the bold and brave Tom who is conquering the world living life to the full and Gwen who is fully obsessed with the future and her fear of failing in life, Away contrasts with The Fear in the way that life is not just single moments but a full process intertwined with life activities, if individuals can find happiness and self- seditiousness In their own life, then that Is the achievement of a lifetime, only then they can appreciate others and objects around them and not be held back or led astray by fear.

Reflective Statement In my reading of related text I had started to read the Hobbit an unexpected journey, I had been reading it for a while and found out that I wasn’t going to be able to complete the book and my concepts and themes of discovery where to literal, for example.