My Troubles with Integrity. Integrity is something that is not often sought after, or thought of in present day society. Everyone has a different opinion of what integrity is, and what it entails. My personal opinion of integrity is that it means having good morals or always trying to do the right thing. A few of the morals that I think are the most important and value the most are respect, privacy, reliability, not judging others and religion. Since I have been giving a lot of thought into improving myself and my integrity, feel like improving my morals is the best approach.

But how does one go about improving their integrity if it is such a profound and unfathomable thing? It is harder to fix something if you cannot lay a hand on it. I believe that it takes a lot of soul searching and identifying your actions. Identifying what morals you value is easy; it is identifying what you do wrong that is the toughest part. Respect IS a value that I take very seriously as do many others, including my parents. I was raised to always respect everyone, no matter what.

I have trouble with this because I am the type of person that when do not know anyone I am a very withdrawn and introverted to the point of when someone says hello to me I will not even respond. Also, since I live with my parents they see me in all states of mind. When I get angry catch myself taking it out on them. I feel so bad afterwards because I know it is not really their fault. Want to be able to at least bottle my emotions enough to make sure never hurt their feelings, so they know that I am trying to always be respectful. Also I want to learn how not to be so introverted with people so that they do not think that I am being rude.

Not only is this important to my integrity, but this also might make it easier for me to meet new people and find new friends! Another value I believe is extremely important is respecting privacy. But have a tendency not to always respect others and their privacy. An example of how do not hold myself true to this value is I loathe when my boyfriend goes through my phone. But every time he leaves his phone around me I always read his text messages. I do not do this because do not trust him. My honest opinion is that engage in these types of actions because I am noses. Although know this is not right, I do it anyway.

I have no reason to think he is owing anything wrong so why disrespect his privacy, if I do not want mine disrespected? Know that doing this is not going to neither help our relationship nor improve my integrity. This should be important to him and me not only for our integrity, but for our relationship. Reliability is also a value that affects my integrity. Until lately was never very reliable in my family life, work life, or even my school life. I use to be dreadful about not showing up to class, or telling someone that I could pick them up but then, realize that I had too many other things to do and end up tot doing what I said would.

This is one Of my main focuses I have been trying to improve, but even now I find it hard to tell someone no when they ask me for a favor. I do this, even if I know that I do not have time! Hope to improve on this value by learning to manage my time better and also learn to tell people no when know that helping them does not fit into my schedule. Not judging other people is another value that I cherish and also think is very important to my integrity. But there are also many ways that I fail at this also. Nobody wants someone to judge them, myself included.

So even though o not want others to judge me, I am constantly looking onto other people to find something wrong with them. Whether it is weight, facial features, the way they speak, or their learning styles. I think this may even have an effect on my self-esteem. Due to the fact that am constantly judging others, I expect others to be judging me at all times also. Think that improving this is going to not only help me improve my integrity, but also improve other aspects in my life as well. These aspects might include broadening my horizons and getting to know people that would have never otherwise talked to.

To a lot of people, religion is a very serious value in their life. To some, their whole life is centered on religion. I do realize that this value is a bit trickier then the Others. I have always said that I have faith in God and celebrate all Christian holidays; but rarely attend church services or even read the bible. I would like to educate myself more on religion so I can truly say that religion is a larger part of my life. I believe that this is the trickiest of these morals that I wish to improve on. Many people say that religion and God is their life, but their actions show otherwise.

This is something that want to delve deeper into, because honestly how does one actually choose the right religion? With so many religions which is the right one? Everyone has an opinion; realize that it can be very difficult to choose one that you feel is the right religion to fit your life and beliefs. As you can see have many faults; faults in morals that I value very much in life. The question is do still have integrity even though I maintain these faulty morals? I believe that recognizing that my morals need development is the first step of many in improving my integrity. Not believe there is such a thing as a person who has completely wholesome integrity since it is so much more difficult than just doing what is right in the public eye. I believe that holding true to your values and integrity involves soul searching and always doing what is right, even when no one is looking. I think only God can judge a person and how much integrity he truly contains, but believe that trying to improve it is what really matters. The first step is realizing what the problem is and identifying ways to solve it. If this is so, I believe I am well on my way to improving my integrity.