Enlightenment Literature (1607-1800)

The Enlightenment was also known as what?
the Age of Faith

The Age of Faith is known for which groups of people?
Puritans and Pilgrims

This literature is a product of what?
The Reformation and the Renaissance

What did the Puritans believe in?
Hard work and simple no-frills living

These writings were in what type of styles?
Sermons, diaries, personal narratives, slave narratives, and poetry

Who founded Jamestown in 1607?
John Smith

What was the name of the young Indian woman who supposedly saved John Smith?

What was the name of the story that John Smith wrote about Pocahontas?
The Pocahontas Legend

Who was elected governor of Plymouth?
William Bradford

Who wrote “Of Plymouth Plantation”?
William Bradford

Who was the first published American poet?
Anne Bradstreet

Use favored the use of conceits or extended metaphors?
Anne Bradstreet

Who was the author of “Upon the Burning of Our House”?
Anne Bradstreet

Edward Taylor was what?
A clergy man/minister

Edward Taylor examined his what?
His inner self

How did Edward Taylor examine his inner self?
Through commune with God

Edward Taylor wrote what major piece?
“Upon a Spider Catching a Fly”

Who lectured his classmates on their sins?
Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather had 15 children, but how many actually survived?

How many of Cotton Mather’s wives died?

What happened to Cotton Mather’s last wife?
She went insane

How many pamphlets did Cotton Mather write?
More than 500

Name Cotton Mather’s two major works:
“Magnalia Christi Americana””The Wonders of the Invisible World”

Which author saw God as punitive (wrathful) and distant?
Jonathon Edwards

In Jonathon Edwards’ eyes, man was basically what?

Jonathon Edwards believed his communicated with God how?

People reacted to whose sermons with “hysterical fits of weeping”?
Jonathon Edwards’

What major work was writen by Jonathon Edwards?
“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”