Sequence of layers in the atmosphere from intermost to outermost
What atmospheric layer conatins 75% of the mass of earth’s air?
Stratospheric ozone is NOT responsible for…
Lowering atmospheric water vapor
Human inputs of outdoor air pollutants occur mostly in…
urban areas
In india, the Asian Brown Cloud had redued photosynthesis by….
What ISN’T a part of the Asian Brown Cloud?
Acid Desposition is classified as a….
Regional problem
If Earth were an apple, the lower layer of the atmosphere would be the thickness of….
the skin
Primary Pollutants are…
Harmful chemicals emitted directly into the air from natuall processes and human activity
Photochemical smog is characteristic in what type of climate?
Warm, dry, and sunny
The people least vulnerable to air polliton are…
Adult males
The greenhouse effect is best described as…
consensus science
what was the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the trophosphere at the start of the industrial revoluton?
280 PPM
What describes earths average surface temp for the last 900,000 years?
Prolonged periods of cooling and warming
Vladimir Romaovsky 
experct on Permafrost
A warmer world would result in…
Moderate weather
What is reducing the fertility in males in Missouri?
Agricultural Chemicals in drinknig water
Where will global warming be most severe?
Polar regions
Svante Arrhenius
first recongized the natural greenhouse effect in 1896
a key dam for Californias Federal Centeral Valley Project
What % of earths surface is covered in salt water?
Hydrologic Cycle
the movement of water in the seas, air, and on land and is driven by solar energy and gravity
The geological later, consisting of underground caverns and layers of sand, gravel, and bedrock, where groundwater flows
Groundwater is…
not stationary, it moves.
sinking of grounf when water has been withdrawn
what is the watershed that is vital to water supllies for sonoma county?
Russian River
What is a point source of water pollution?
Offshore oil well
Oxygen Sag curve
occurs when oxygen demanding wastes are added to the water
the natural nutrient enrichment of a shallow lake or slow moving stream
How do you protect groundwater?
by preventing contamination
the majority of oil pollution of the ocean comes from…
runoff from land
Properly matched sewage treatments…
Secondary-Biological Process
Where is the greatest marine biodiversity?
In coral reefs
in the film “Everything’s Cool”, researchers showed that the enviornmental message has been…
“I have a nightmare”
Henry Miller
used 19th century water laws to acquire over 1 million acres of agricultural land in the San Joaquin Valley
What is CA’s Tulare Lake known for?
50 miles of cotton fields along intersate 5
James Hansen
The NASA scientist who first identified CO2 gas in the trophosphere as a greenhouse gas effecting climate change
Where is climate change most evident in the US?
Shismaref, Alaska
what is the Geological Era we are living in now known as?
The Anthropecene
How is the leopard frog of North America being impacted?
by runoff of chemicals applied to cornfields
What are the 3 grains that provide 47% of humanitys food calories?
Rice, Wheat, Corn
repeating irrigation in dry climates that leads to soil degredation of the upper layers
What is alley cropping?
Where crops are planted in strips between trees and shrubs.
a traditional subsistence that farmers grwo several crops in the same crop at the same time
In the US, how much of the original topsoil is gone?
What was George W Bush’s response to the 1997 Kyoto treaty?
To twithdraw the US from participation in the treaty
The Curse of kkad resulted from…
The loss of Lake Agassiz
What technology will be used to farm the open oceans?
T/F: Nitrogen makes up 21% of the air we breath
T/f: photochemical smog is a mixture of primary and secondary pollutants formed under the influence of UV raditation from the sun
T/F: over the past 50 years, arctic temps have risen almost as fast as avg temperature in the rest of the world
T/F: in a warmer climate, the population of humans is likely to decrease in numbers
T/F: water is seen more and more as a national security issue
T/F: drip irrigation is the most efficent method of delivering water needed for crops

Degrading Natural capital


using normally renewable resources faster than nature can renew them
study of relationships between organisms and their enviornment
substainable yield
the highest rate at which a renewable resource can be used indefinitly without reducing its available supply
all non-renewable resources can be theoretically…
exhausted or depleted
What isnt a renewable resource?
how are the coral reefs in st lucia managed?
protected marine reserved
the total of all the different species that live in a certain are
where fossil fuels and minerals are found
the hydrologic cycle is primarily driven by…
solar energy
large terrestrial regions with similar characteristics
ecological niche
a species way of life in a community
generalist species
species with a broad niche
carrying capacity
the maximum population of a given species that a paricular habitat can hold
movement out of a population
in the next 40 years, the population of Japan will…
decrease by 30 million
deep lakes with a steep bank that have a small supply of plant nutrients
local areas short term temperature
where does the largest input of solar energy occur?
between the tropic of cancer and capricorn
the corolis effect
causes prevailing winds across the planet
rain shadow effect
drier conditions on the leeward side of mountain ranges
how is population change calculated?
when are death and birthrates highest?
the preindustrial stage
when organisms feed on other organisms
the milkankovitch wobbies
plentary wobbles that effect the progression of climate