enst 387 Midterm 2 open response

which states does the Marcellus shale formation cover?
new york, pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia, virginia, delaware, kentucky, tenessee either in majority or minority
What is Prop 37? What is the outcome? What are some complaints against it?
Prop 37 is the labeling of genetically modified foods. prop 37 did not pass because large agribusiness out funded the smaller organic companies. prop 37 was not well defined, and many foods including meat and milk were not included in the bill, which limits its effectiveness.
What does GMO mean? what does organic mean?
GMO stands for genetically modified organism, altered at the genetic level.

organic food has not been produced without modern synthetic inputs, including synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

What policy suggestions were given by the presenters on Food and Agriculture?
prop 37 is not the answer. Europe shows that there is a high public dislike for the labeling. there is also a market for gm foods.
what are the costs and benefits of fracking?
benefits:job creation, natural gas is clean burning, one well can produce for up to 30 years, makes use of resources that are traditionally inaccessable.costs:surface explosions,drinking water contamination, natural resource reduction, toxic emissions from fracking liquids on the site.
absolute advantage
a country’s ability to produce a certain good more efficiently than another country