Ento Test 2

Insects in the genus Aedes are vectors of
Yellow Fever
2 ways that passion vines use mimicry to confuse the butterflies that want to find a place to lay eggs
1) The leaves mimic eachother to confuse butterflies
2) They make “mimic eggs” on leaf so butterflies avoid leaves
What is the genus name that causes malaria
Order meaning “scale wings”
The disease agent that causes bubonic plague can be found in the salivary glands of ________
What type of mouthparts do mosquito have
Insects that produce luciferin belong to which order
Coleoptera (fireflies)
Stridulation is used by
To what order do insects that produce honeydew belong to?
Hemiptera (aphids)
Insects that have resilin in their string hind legs belong to which order
Siphonaptera (fleas)
What is the vector of African Sleeping Sickness
tsetse fly
Insects that feign death when threated belong to which order
Phasmida (walking sticks)
The disease vector that causes River Blindness is
The disease agent, Yersinia ia
a bacteria (bubonic plague)
What is the disease agent of the bubonic plauge
Hormones that affect reproduction of the female mosquito are produced in
The head
Insects that have muscles attached to their wings like birds and bats belong to which order
Odonata (dragonflies/damselflies)
Resemblance of an edible species (mimic) to an unpalatable species (model) to deceive predators
Batesian Mimicry
The disease agent that causes yellow fever
List 2 insect orders that lie eggs in an ootheca
Blattodea Mantodea
Miriam Rothshild studied the reproductive biology of
Walter Reed discovered the vector of
Yellow Fever
Cantharidin is produced by
blister beetles
Larvae of a specific type of insect have been applied to the wounds of people who have poor circulation in order to prevent amputation. Which order do they belong to?
Diptera (flies)
Mantids have (a) complete metamorphosis (b)sponging mouthparts (c) long thorax (d) AOTA
(C) long thorax
3 differences of damselflies and dragonflies
1) Damselflies are smaller than dragonflies
2) Damsel flies hold wings straight back at rest. Dragonflies hold wings out to side
3) Damselflies lay eggs in plant stems under water. Dragonflies lay eggs on water surface
Which order does the human flea belong to?
Resemblance of an organism to its background
Another name for Black Death
Bubonic Plague
Scale insects belong to which order?
Mantids lay their eggs in _____
The disease agent that causes African Sleeping Sickness is
T or F. Insects are affected by the wax on the surface of a plant
What is Luciferin?
A chemical that when oxidizes, lights up.
What type of metamorphosis do crickets have
Order meaning “straight legs”
Some adult insects use their shovel shaped penis to remove the sperm of rival males from a female before they mate, They do this so that they wil be more likely to pass on their genes. Which order does this insect belong to?
Beetles produce
T or F. Bubonic Plague can be treated successful with antibiotics
How is natural selection involved in the prevalence today of the human disease, sickle cell anemia
Natural Selection has changed genes in people to help them deal with malaria. 1) The genes help people to resist malaria 2) genes give the sickle cell anemia to resist malaria
What is unusual about the eyes of the whirligig beetles?
Their eyes are split so they can see above and below water at the same time
Halteres are found on insects in which order
Which order has the most species
4 types of carnivorous plants
1) Venus Fly Trap 2) Bladder Worts 3) Pitcher Plants 4) Sundew
T or F. Most insects have complete metamorphosis
Name of the genus that causes sleeping sickness
Typamasoma (sp?)
Mutual resemblance of two or more unpalatable species to enhance predator avoidance
Mullerian mimicry
How many wings does a flea have?
Ladybugs found on hop plants are probably feeding on
T or F. Male FLEAS suck blood from their host
What order do kissing bugs belong to?
What type of metamorphosis do weevils have?
Insects that are able to “hear” the sonar of bats and then take evasive action are
Hind wings of a house fly are called
Order that means “straight wings”
How many eggs does an adult female tsetse flu lay in her lifetime
What is the name of the human disease that is prevalent in Africa because people who have a copy of the gene for this disease are more likely to survive malaria
Sickle Cell Anemia
The insect vector for River Blindness
Black Flies
Monarch Butterfly larvae sequester
What are 2 reasons for the fact that malaria is more prevalent in the world today than it was 20 years ago?
1) mosquitos are resistant to DD
2) Protozoan is more resistant to drugs
What order does the praying mantis belong to?
Dan Janzen works with
Casting off of a body part is
What order do cicades belong to
What insects belong in the hemiptera order
Bugs Aphids Cicades Kissing Bugs
Ladybugs belong to the order
Insect that is the “guardian of Africa”
Tsetse Fly
In 1897, mosquitos were shown to vector malaria by who?
Ronald Ross
What insect is the worlds larges agricultural pest?
Yellow Fever can be treated successfully by antibiotics T or F
WHat is that greek word for butterfly
T or F. Sundews capture insects in a pool where they are digested
F (pitcher plant)
The ear on preying mantids that allows these insects to hear the sonar of bats is locatd on the
The disease agent that causes Chagas disease is
How many wings does a flea have?
What is the common name of insects that belong to the order Blattodea
Insects that have raptorial forelegs belong to which order
Mantodea (mantis)
_____ beetles were imported to Austrailia when grasslands were being lost
The scales of the butterfly are modified _____
There are male and gemale insects of the same species that do a mating dance; the male dusts the female with a pheromone by using his ‘hair pencils” what order do these insects belong to?
What is the insect order whose name derived from the term “apparition”
Trichomes are found on (1) dung beetles (b) whirligig beetless (c) civet cats (d)plants
plants (d)
Natural Selection
The change in the frequency of genetic traits in a population through differential surrvival of the individuals bearing those traits
What insects produce luciferin
Fireflies and beetles
Male mosquitoes feed on _____
Why do some caterpillars eat leaves symmetrically
To avoid predators
Whitchedy grubs are tasty insects that are found in what country
What type of metamorphosis do scale insects have
What is the name of the insect order where the translation is “sheath” “wings”
The human disease “elephantits is vectored by
Cockroaches are closely related to (a) aphids (b) beetles (c)termites (d) mosquitoes
(c) termites
Stridulation is used by insects in which order
In which order do weevils belong to
Fireflies produce light by combining luciferin and
T or F. Female fireflies have a flash pattern this is different from that of male fireflies of the same species
In ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra was (a) a sunflower (b) an aphid (c) a beetle (d) an elephant
(c) beetle
Whirligig beetles (a) are scavengers (b)have divided eyes (c)swim in circles to help find food (d) AOTA
(d) AOTA
Preying Mantis have (a) complete meta (b)raptorial forelegs (c) short thorax (d) AOTA
(b) Raptorial forelegs
T or F Adult mayflies feed on plant material
What is the common name for insects that belong to the order Ephemeroptera
T of F The disease agent that causes malaria attacks the red blood cells of the victim
Xeriodiagnosis is used to determine if an individual has what disease?
Chagas disease
Which carnivourous plant is aquatic?
Bladder Worts
What is resilin?
Resilin is a protein produced in the legs of fleas that enable them to jump