Env Finals 14

A dry desert lake bed is a/an ____________________.
Because Death Valley has no external drainage, the ____________________ eroded from surrounding mountains creates bajadas, pediments, and alluvial fans.
Wind erosion, called ____________________, is a selective process in which the wind moves only small particles, such as silt and sand.
Sand grains are transported by wind close to the ground in a bouncing movement called ____________________.
The growth of a desert by human mismanagement is called ____________________.
Outside of the polar regions, the Earth’s land surface is ____ desert.
about 25 percent
When a dry desert streambed suddenly fills with water during a rainstorm, this is called a/an ____ flood.
____ is a continuous cover of stones left behind when wind blows silt and sand away.
desert pavement
Wind-scoured depressions are called ____.
The leeward side of a dune is called the ____ face.
The largest loess deposits in the world are found in ____.
central china
Human mismanagement can cause the conversion of semiarid land to arid land in a process called ____.
Salt deposits are found on playas because:
dissolved ions precipitate during evaporation of the playa lake water
In fossil dunes:
the dipping beds are the layering of the dunes slip face
Loess is:
silt that has been transported and deposited by wind
T/F The sand on the slip face of a dune is loose compared to the windward face.
T/F Migrating dunes can overrun buildings and highways.
A desert is defined as any region that receives less than ____ centimeters of rain per year.
A/An ____________________ is a broad, gently sloping depositional surface formed by merging alluvial fans.
T/F Rainfall patterns and deserts have no direct relationship to tectonic activity.