Env Finals 5

____________________ is any rock sufficiently enriched in one or more minerals to be mined profitably.
Petroleum, coal, and natural gas are called ____________________ ____________________ because they formed from the remains of plants and animals that lived in the geologic past.
fossil fuels
____________________ energy resources are replenished by natural processes as we use them.
Evaporite deposits form by ____.
precipitation from water
The color of ____ is caused by precipitation of fine-grained metal sulfide minerals.
black smokers
____ is formed as a residual deposit in warm climates.
Coal reserves are thought to be sufficient to last a few ____.
____ releases no sulfur when burned, has a higher net energy yield than other fossil fuels, and can be extracted and used without refining.
natural gases
Tar sands are permeated with ____.
The major fuel in nuclear power plants is an isotope of ____.
A nonmetallic resource is:
any useful rock or mineral that is not a metal, such as salt, building stone, sand, or gravel.
In a placer deposit, gold settles out first when the stream current slows down because:
gold is denser than any other mineral
Placer ore deposits form:
when streams or waves sort sediment according to density
Most of the world’s iron is mined from:
banded iron formations
Mineral reserves:
can increase because new and inexpensive methods of processing lower grade ore can be developed and can become profitable if the price of the metal in a mineral deposit increases
Fossil fuels are:
formed from the remains of plants and animals
Mineral reserves remain constant over time.
Fossil Fuels are renewable.
Plant matter is composed mainly of carbon, hydrogen, and silicon.
A solar cell produces energy directly from sunlight