Env. Management

Strategic Habitat Conservation
A unified conservation approach for defining and pursuing landscape and population sustainability. a structured science-based framework founded on an adaptive, iterative process of biological planning, conservation design, conservation delivery, monitoring, and research
Structured Decision Making
Is an organized approach to identifying and evaluating creative alternatives and making defensible choices in difficult decision situations
Adaptive Resource Management
a process that promotes flexible decision makingthat can be adjusted in the face of uncertainties as outcomes from management actions and other events become better understood. Not “trial and error”.
Conservation Delivery
Implementation of on-the-ground actions based on information from biological planning and conservation designmanagement actions on populations.
Assumption-driven Research
IThis functional element acknowledges the need to progressively refine biological goals and objectives with research directed at testing the biological assumptions and uncertainties integral to science-based planning and assessment.
Measurable biological outcomes
An agency needs to make three types of inferences about its resource management actions: 1.

The effects of a particular type of management action on habitat and individuals;When research priorities are established as an outcome of biological planning,2. Program and agency accomplishments expressed in terms of population impacts3. Net progress towards population objectives

program- centric
No single office is likely to apply all elements of the SHC framework. Even a dedicated team of conservation planners and researchers that can perform the technical elements of SHC will not deliver conservation programs.

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Implementation of the full framework will require a Service-wide commitment that will benefit from an integration of program offices providing different but complimentary functions rather than our current program- centric model.

Focal species
An organisms of ecological and/or human value that is of priority interest for management through the MPA.
Unfunded Mandate
Fix the problem with what you have.

Environmental Management
An interactive process wherein we learn how social interactions can best reconcile human kinds’ needs and aspirations within the limits that the natural world imposes.
3 Roles of a public manager
Program MngtResource MngtPolitical Mngt
5 Issues facing Environmental Manager
1) Accountability-who’s responsible for pollution2) Ecosystem mngt-3) Environmental injustice-unequal distribution of environmental risks on a community bc of income or race4) Sustainable development-meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs5) Unfunded mandates
unit of nature in which living and non living substances interact, with an exchange of materials between living and non living parts
Explain what ecosystem management means to you as an environmental manager?
It’s a hollistic approach to environmental management. Without cooperation between agencies and a better understanding of the bigger picture, pollutions may just end up being transferred from one medium to another.
Who is responsible for managing the environment?
Professions, local, state, feds, private sector, non profit
3 Functions of regulatory agencies
1)permitting2) monitoring for compliance3) conducting enforcement
Fines, jail time