Envi Sci Hydrosphere

Condensation nuclei
Particles of ash, dust, soot, and pollen on which water molecules condense.
Surface run-off
water that runs off the surface of the earth to a lake, stream, or pond.
consists of limestone and sandstone
ground water zone
the area in which water is found in the ground, can possible rise, located beneath the water table.
the vascular tissue in plants that transports water from the roots to the leaves
the pore’s or openings in the leaves of plants through which Carbon Dioxide and oxygen are exchanged
The vascular tissue in plants in which the glucose is passed along through the plant
the release of water through the stomata of plants into the atmosphere
River system
rivers and streams into which drain into a larger river
largest ocean
Pacific ocean
2nd largest ocean
Atlantic ocean
3rd largest ocean
Indian Ocean
4th largest ocean
Arctic Ocean
Challenger deep
deepest part of the ocean, found in the pacific
Hydrothermal vent
opening in ocean floor through which superheated water is released.
this uses dissolved minerals to produce food