Environmental Communication

Five marketing TOOLs 

  1. commitment
  2. prompts
  3. norms
  4. communication
  5. incentives

Five social marketing STEPs

  1. identify the behavior to be targeted
  2. asses the audience
  3. develop the message
  4. deliver the message
  5. evaluate your program

Four market segments of Green Consumer
1. health fanatics2. animal lovers3. resource conservers4. outdoor enthusiast
How were the arts used to communicate about public lands in west US?

  • photos, painting, carvings used to show beauty and majesty.
  • made land beautiful rather than scary.
  • built congressional support for Yellowstone and Yosemite, along with National Parks.


Three forms of public involvement as effective for collaboration

  1. citizen advisory boards
  2. partnerships and forums
  3. community based collaboration

What are four possible goals of envionrmental art?
1. Communicate/ educate about history2. build awareness about issue3. create emotional connection4. give a voice
What are some prerequisites for successful collaboration?

  1. representation of all stakeholders
  2. focus is on problem solving
  3. access and power is equal
  4. decisions usually reached by consensus
  5. agencies willing to be influenced by decision

What are the four limitations of prior process?

  1. ritualistic
  2. difficult for public to influence decision
  3. focus on volume of input rather than content
  4. disconnect between expectations and outcomes

What are the seven sins of greenwashing?

  1. hidden radeoff- singular attribute
  2. no proof- post consumer content
  3. vagueness- all natural
  4. irrelevance- CFC Free
  5. lesser of 2 evils- fuel efficient SUV
  6. fibbing- energy star certified
  7. false labels- impression of 3rd party endorsement

What is Photo voice and how can it be used to facilitate input in environmental issues?

  • project in Samburu asking community to take pictures of problems and good things in the area
  • deliberation over the pictures 
  • promotes dialogue
  • reach policy makers

What is environmental art? 
Art that focuses on the positive or negative human interaction with their environment
What is green marketing?
companies associate products/ services with envionmental images and visuals
What is social marketing?
appliction of marketing with other concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good
citizen advisory boards
appointed by gov., different view points, consensus
individual makes commitment to behavior 
motivations, values, framing
community based collaboration
geographic location or specific concern, issue specific time frame
difference between social marketing and regular retail
social marketing’s end product is to change behavior while regular’s goal is to sell
financial rewards to encourage tageted behavior
main limitation of u.s. federal trade
laws/regulations are not enforceable
social pressure to do what everyone else is doing
partnership and forums
geographic location, specific concern
concise and memorable satements/slogans
right of comment
national environmental policy act NEPA
right of standing
injury in factinjury pf interests 
right to know
freedom of information actemergency planning and right to knowRESTRICTING: homeland security act
three goals of green marketing

promote products/ advertising2. enhance image of the business3. repair image of the business

three ways nature has been used in advertising
1. nature as a backdrop2. nature as the product3. nature as the outcome
what are the mode of public participation legal rights?

  1. right to know- transparency
  2. right of comment- direct participation
  3. right of standing- accountability

what are three assumptions in decision making/collaboration?

  1. all interests in NR debate are fighting for what is right
  2. without successful resolution, parties may result to more extreme actions
  3. parties often have more in common with each other than they may recognize

what is greenwashing? 
misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product
what is the only env.

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