Environmental Ethics

What are the theories of environmental ethics?
Utilitarianism,Pragmatism,Deontology,Natural Law Theory,Virtue Theory,Biocentrism,Ecocentrism,Consequentialism
What is Consequentialism?
The rightness of an action is determined by its consequences
What is utilitarianism?
We ought to act in ways that produce the most utility, happiness, or pleasure for the most people
What is Pragmatism?
Truth or meaning ought to be judged by practical consequences
What is Deontology?
Judges an action’s rightness by the intention or motivation for the action
What is natural law?
What is natural is moral, whereas that which is unnatural is immoral
What is virtue theory?
Right actions arise from people who are virtuous
What is biocentrism?
All living things have intrinsic value
What is ecocentrism?
Ecosystems have intrinsic value