Environmental Health Science Exam 2

Which of the following is not a negative impact species extinction?
With respect to the 472 endangered species, habitat-rich areas are concentrated to which areas in the US?
West Coast and Hawaii
Endangered species are
species considered in imminent danger of extinction 
Which of these is not an impact of having more endangered species?
reduction of human population
What is not a reason to protect endangered species?
experimental purposes
What are the most common factors leading to a species becoming extinct?

  • habit loss/ destruction due to loss of area or pollution 
  • predidation- natural or intoduction of exotic species 
  • disease- often brought by exotic species
  • overhunting- to feed or use as trophies

Why would someone oppose supporting an endangered species?
Someone with an opposing view on endangered species most likely represents someone in/ is in an industry that counts on the species for jobs, food, health, etc
What was the convention called that decided to limit the use of DDT worldwide?
Stockholm Concention on POPs
Which of the following is the best alternative to DDT?
insecticide infused bed nets
Malaria kills how many people per year?
1 million
What was the book called that brought national attention to DDT?
Silent Spring
How many countries currently use DDT and which of the following answers lists a country that still uses DDT?
12, India
Give a supporting reason for each side of the DDT debate
DDT is very effective at killing mosquitoes, and therefore reducing transmission of Malaria, which is a disease that kills 1 million people annually Research shows that DDT can have adverse health effects on humans and animals including cancer and other diseases, and also remains in the environment for long periods of time even after spraying has ceased (it is a POP)
Why was DDT first used and when was it created? 
DDT was created in 1879 and used first in WWII to reduce the incidence of malaria and typhus among soilders and civilians. After the war it was sued as an insecticide in agriculture as well. 
Students prefer to learn about contraceptives from 
doctors and physicians
John D. Rockfeller did which of the following?
Traveled to Asian in the 1950s and started the population control discussion in the US
Who in the US government supports/ supported population control?
How many children were not born due to China’s one child policy?
400 million
Which of these is a reason people oppose population control methods?
religious beliefs
What are some of the strategies that countries have used to limit population growth? Be sure to name the country.
Thailand’s public education about contraceptiives have made the topic less taboo to talk about 
Provide one unintented consequence that occured from China’s one child policy.
higher population of males than females
Which of the following are all benefits of genetic modifcation on plants?
Increased yield, nutritional benefits, drought resistance
What is the main reason President Obama supports genetic modification?
the ability to fight harmful diseases
How have GMOs been beneficial to third world countries who have no access to health care?
GMOs have helped address some of these tropical diseases that pharmaceutical companies have no interest in because there is no funding for them
Which of the following statements about high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is true?
HFCS has been shown to associate highly with percentage of obesity
How would an increase in nitrogen be detrimental to consumers?
Excess nitrogen in our body can cause illness and cancers;
In both sides of the GMO arguement, nutritional value is cited as a benefit as well as a loss. How would you propose that we push for healthier foods to lead to better lives?
Increase crop yields and feed more people;
Which of the following individuals drew people’s interest towards sustainability and organic farming practices?
Rachel Carson
Who is the author of Silent Spring?
Rachel Carson
Studies done comparing organic farming to conventional farming found
organic farming has more species, richness, and diversity
Who is the government supports organic farming?
All of the above: Kent Mesplay, Jeff Merkley, Randi Scheurer
Studies on the dietary intake of pesticides in adults has shown that they experience a higher rate of pesticide-related health problems than children.

True or False

What is one of the biggest concerns people have (food security-wise) with organics? 
The yield compared to an acre. The thought of using more land for less yield is particularly hard to sell to those worried about the future of demand
What is the Farm Bill of 2008?
One of the first pieces of legislation that gave subsidies and provisions for organic farmers
Which of the following is not included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)?
protects doctors from recieving malpractice lawsuits
The Commonwealth Care Act is similar to the PPACA because they both require an individual mandate. Which state was the Common Care Act passed?
Who was a main supporter of the PPACA?
Barack Obama
An increase in primary care coverage in health insurance will cause 
decrease in instances of uncompensated care 
Which of the following is NOT true Electrical Health Records?
prevents all loss of data
Describe three benefits to PPACA?

  • Offsets the expensive costs of healthcare for the elderly and sick
  • Allows patients with pre-existing conditions to obtain medical coverage
  • Provides incentives for PCPs that accpet Medicare and Medicaid patients

Describe three problems with PPACA?

  • Requiring the government to insure the patients with self-inflicted bad medical histories drives up the cost of health care for healthy Americans
  • Creates annual fee on drug manufacturers, could cause prices of medications to rise
  • Individual mandates arguably surpasses authority of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.