Environmental laws at work

chesapeake bay rescue
citizens used the Clean water Act to stop Bethlehem Steel from discharging to much pollutants into the Chesapeake bay.
Stopping the Deleware River Pollution
Used the Clean water Act to sue Texaco for realeasing tons of oil, grease, and other toxic pollutants into the Delaware river. paid a fine and had to clean it up.
Nuclear Waste Safety
environmental organizations and native americans sued U.S department of energy for violation of the Nuclear waste policy Act because they said that they illegally reclassified high-level waste into a less dangerous category so that it could be disposed of more quickly and cheaply. tanks were laking and could endanger ground and surface water supplies.
Drinking water protection
State of Nevada and other environmental groups sued the EPA for violating the the safe drinking water act because the U.S government plans to put a depository for nuclear waste at the Yucca mountian and it could leak into groundwater supplies used for drinking and irrigation. still not decided.
cleaning up mercury pollution
Maine citizens and an environmental group sued a chemical plant for polluting the Penobscot Riverwith mercury that is harmful to humans and animals. this violated the resource conservation and recovery act.They must clean it up.
Clearing the air
Environmental group force the EPA to follow the Clean Air Act to come up with a plan to reduce ground-level ozone concentrations in Houston and Galveston,Texas because they exceeded the ozone standards.
Saving a swamp
In Massachusetts the EPA denied the permit to build a shopping mall on wetlands because they could have used a different site so they wouldn’t destroy them. They won and protected the wetlands.
Protecting endangered species
The endangered species act temporarily stopped the costruction of a dam on the little tennessee river because they discovered a rare fish (the snail darter) that was endangered, in only a small portion of the river so they had to protect them. They still built the dam but moved the fish to a nearby river so they would survive.