Environmental laws

Lacey Act
Says that you can’t export, import, sale, transport, or buy illegally taken wildlife.
Wilderness Act
Protects land from logging, minining, grazing, oil drilling, etc.
National Environmental Policy Act
It makes federal agencies think about and make a list of how their projects will effect the environment.
Occupational Saftey and Health Act
Protects people at work from safety and health hazards like: cold, heat, chemical hazards, noise, and other things.
Clean Air Act
Makes sure people have clean air to breathe by having an emissions standard that says how much pollutents that vehicles and factories can release into the air.
Clean Water Act
makes sure that rivers, streams, lakes, and bays for fishing and swimming. Makes government build sewer treatment plants, etc.
Endangered Species Act
made government identify endangered species and protect them from becoming extinct by protecting habitats and helping species recover.
Safe Drinking Water Act
requires public drinking water water systems to be tested for contaminants that can harm people. If unsafe they must tell people and fix the problem.
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
requires people that generate hazardous waste to keep track of how much they produce, where it’s shipped, and where it is disposed of. Also regulations on trucks that ship it.
Toxic Substance Control Act
Where the EPA track industrial chemicals produced and imported to the U.S. and review what it’s made of and what effects come from it.
Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act
minimizes bad effects that mining has on Earth, like: pollution, abandoned mines, or mine wastes.
Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act
Deals with hazardous waste that was produced and disposed of in the past that threatened peoples health and environment. Finds who caused it and cleans up the site.
Water Quality Act
Controls toxic pollution discharges in hot spots where they are severe. States must control water pollution from farms, mines, construction sites and urban areas.
Food Security Act
is called the “Farm Bill” it is used to perserve the natural environment on farms. It protects wetlands and encourages soil conservation.