environmetal science vocabulary

biomass energy
the energy produced from organic materials (e.g., plants and human wastes)
fuel from organic sources
electricity generated by the combustion of organic materials
geothermal energy
a type of renewable energy that is generated deep within the earth; produced by the breakdown of radioactive elements and pressure together
ground source heat pump
a network of pipes that circulates water from the ground (for heating) and back into the ground (for cooling)
electricity generated from the energy of moving water
tidal energy
electricity generated from the movement of the tides
ocean thermal energy conversion(OTEC)
the process of changing the solar energy stored in the ocean to electric power
passive solar heating
using the design of a building (versus technology) to collect, store, and distribute the sun’s energy
active solar heating
the use of technology to collect, store, and distribute the sun’s energy
flat-plate solar collector
a mental box that absorbs the sun’s energy to heat water or air
a device that converts solar energy directly into electricity
concentrating solar power(CSP)
a technology that uses the heat of the sun to generate electricity; mirrors focus the sun’s energy, which is used to heat the water that fuels electric power plants
wind turbine
a device that converts the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy
wind farm
a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricity
a process that releases hydrogen by using an electric current to break down water molecules
fuel cell
a device that converts hydrogen or another fuel into electricity