Envirothon 2

Describe a freshwater mussel’s body.
Simple, two hard shells covering a soft body, pair of gills, strong foot.

What are siphons?
Tubes that are used in filtering water.
How many siphons do freshwater mussels have?
What are freshwater mussel’s feet used for?
To burrow into the bottom of a lake or river. They’re also use as anchors.
How do filter feeders clean water?
They inhale water through the bottom siphon. As the water moves though, particles (such as algae) get sucked in. This be used for nutrients. The clean water then exited though the top siphon.

How many freshwater mussel species are in Pennsylvania?
What are the 2 problems facing freshwater mussel?
Soil settling and zebra mussels.
How does settling soil cause problems for freshwater mussels?
It smuohers them on the bottom of the lake or river.
How do zebra mussels cause problems for freshwater mussels?
They attach themselves to freshwater mussels back, and filter all of the nutrients needed for the freshwater mussel to survive.
What do scientist still want to know about freshwater mussels?
What they do and how they do it. Also, how many freshwater mussels are in Pennsylvania.

What should you contact if you find a freshwater mussel in Pennsylvania?
Contact the PLAY Tackle Box.
What do new born freshwater mussels do after they are born?
Attach themselves to certain fish and let go when they find a good place to let go. Then, the burrow to the bottom to grow and become adults.
How old do freshwater mussels usually live to be?
15-100 years