Envirothon 3

How many stream and river does Pennsylvania have?
>83,000 miles
How many lakes are in Pennsylvania?
About 4,000
How many species of fish are in Pennsylvania?
About 120
How many water insects species are in Pennsylvania?
Nearly 1,000
How many species of claims and mussels are there in Pennsylvania?
How much money for water recreation is spent each year in Pennsylvania?
>$1.34 billion
What percentage of Pennsylvania’s streams and rivers have been surveyed to assess water quality?
Within the range of tolerance, is a range of what?
Ideal range
What is DO. Explain.
Dissolved oxygen. Oxygen that has been dissolved into water.
What is pH?
The measurement of hydrogen ions on the scale of 1 to 14 (with 1 being the most acidic and 14 being the most basic).
If there is a change of 1 pH level, how much does the acidity change? What if the pH changed by 2?
10-fold. 100-fold.
What is 1 drop of chocolate in 16 gallons of milk equal to?
1 ppm.
True or false: If the pH is as out of the fish’s tolerance range by just 1 ppm., it could still survive.
False. The fish would die.
Fish have ____ ________ temperature requirements.
very specific
True or false: Rapid changes in temperature can kill fish.
Why do some fish depend on DO for their oxygen?
Because they can’t get the molecules though normal H2O.
Why do fish need go shelter/habitat?
To hide from predators, place to take a rest from the tide, food.
What are the two major kinds of pollution?
Agriculture runoff and abandoned mine drainage(AMD).
What is the general order of links to the food chain?
Plants, plankton, invertebrate, small fish, large fish, large predator.
What is agriculture runoff?
When the rain (or melting snow) carries soil, pesticides, and fertilizers into nearby waters, polluting it.
Does cloudy water take more or less sunlight than clear water?
What is silt on the bottom of a stream called?
Does water that has been affected by agriculture runoff have a higher or lower DO than that river or stream would have without agriculture runoff?
Lower. This effect can kill fish.
What is abandoned mine drainage (AMD)?
Runoff pollution from abandoned mines.
How does acidity harm fish?
Damages gills, decreases sodium in fishes blood, kills eggs and young.
How does acid rain form?
When the cloud’s moisture mixes with sulfur or nitrogen in the air.
Does acid rain lower or higher the level of pH in water?
Before you can do anything that may harm waters of Pennsylvania, you must get a _______?
How many permit applications does the Fish & Boating Commission get in a year?
How much in fines has the Fish & Boating Commission collected in 1999?