ENVR 200

morphological and physiological differentiation amoung species
how “equal” members of the community are

(ex: how evenly abundance varies among taxa)

taxonomic richness
number of taza (species, genera, families, etc.)
blue water resource
green water resource
AET // actual evapotranspiration
combined effects of temperature and precipitation

greater than “theoretical” evapotranspiration

a group of ecosystems sharing similar types of plants under a similar climatic regime
biome distribution
related to…

latitude and elevation

temperature, precipitation, and seasonality

a set of components that function together to act as a whole
isolated system
a system in which neither E nor materials flows in or out
the degree to which a system’s design is difficult to understand (or model) with components that are so interconnected, as to make the function of the whole system confusing. There are many simple interacting parts collectively produce unexpected behaviour