EQ 2

EQ Credit 2Increased Ventilation
Mechanically ventilated: Increase outdoor air ventilation by 30% above ASHRAE 62.1 Naturally ventilated: Meet recommendations of the Carbon Trust Good Practice Guide 237 or show in airflow model
Increased Ventilation Intent
Provide additional air ventilation to improve indoor air quality for improved occupant comfort, wellbeing and productivity.
Increase breathing zone outdoor air ventilation rates to all occupied spaces by at least ____ above the minimum rates required by ASHRAE 62.1-2004 as determined by EQ Prerequisite 1.
Design natural ventilation systems for occupied spaces to meet the recommendations set forth in the __________
Carbon Trust "Good Pract Guide 237"
Use a macroscopic, multi-zone analytic model to predict that room-by-room airflows will effectivily naturrally ventilate at least _____ of occupied spaces.
Breathing Zone
is the region within an occupied space between planes 3 and 72inches above the floor and more thn 2 ft from the walls or fixed air-conditioning equipment
Conditioned Space
is that part of a building that is heated or cooled, or both for the comfort of occupants
is an unwanted airborne constituent that may reduce acceptability of the air
is air leakage outward through cracks and interstices and through ceilings, floors and walls of a space or building
Exhaust Air
is the air removed from a space and discharged to outside the building by means of mechanical or natural ventilation systems
is air leakage inward through crack and interstices and through ceiling, floor s and walls of a space or building
Makeup Air
is any combination of outdoor and transfer air intended to replace exhaust air and exfiltration
Outdoor Air
is the ambient air that enters a building through a ventilation system, through intentional openings for natural ventilation or by infiltration
Recirculated Air
is the air removed from a space and reused as supply air.
Return Air
is the air removed from a space to be then recirculated and exhausted
Supply Air
is the air delivered by mechanical or natural ventilation to a space, composed of any combination of outdoor air, recirculated air, or transfer air