EQ 3.2

EQ 3.2Construction IAQ Management Plan: Before Occupany
Flush out the building before/during occupancy OR conduct and IAQ testPTS-1
Flush out procedure:
After construction ends and with all interior finishes and furnishings installed, as described in this Reference Guide, install new filtration media and flush-out the building by supplying a total air volume of 14,000 cu.ft. of outdoor air per sqft of floor area while maintaining an internal temperature of at least 60 degrees F and, where mechanical cooling is operated, relative humidity no higher than 60%
The space may only be occupied following delivery of a min. of 3,500 cu.ft. of outdoor air per sqft of floor area to the space, and provided the space is ventilated at min rate of 0.

30 cfm/sqft of outside air or the design min. outside air rate, whichever is greater, a _________ prior to occupancy and during occupancy, until the total of 14,000 cuft/sqft of outsie air has been delivered to the space.

minimum of three hours
IAQ test procedure
Conduct baseline IAQ testing, afer construction ends and prior to occupancy using testing protocols
Testing protocol options
FormaldehydeParticulates (PM 10)Total Volatile Organice Compounds4-Phenylcyclohexene (4-PCH)Carbon Monoxide (CO)
For air sampling: all measurements shall be conducted _____________________, but during normal occupied hours and with the building ventilation system starting at the normal daily start time and operated at the minimum outside air flow rate for the occupied mode throught the duration of the air testing.
prior to occupancy
The building shall have all the _______ installed, including but no t limited to millwork, doors, paint, carpet and acoustic tiles.  Non-fixed furnishings such as workstations and partitions are rquired to be in place for the testing
interior finishes
The number of sampling locations will vary depending upton the size of the building and number of ventilation systems.  For each protion of the building seved by a separate ventilation system, the number of sampling points shall not be less than __________________ for each contiguous floor area, whichever is larger, and include areas with the least ventilation and greatest presumed source strength
one per 25,000 sqft
Air samples shall be collected between 4 feet and 7 feet from the floor over a minimum ____________
4 hour period
Provide calcuations to demonstrate that the required total air volumes and minimum ventilations volumes and rates have ______
been delivered
When core and shell projects are certifying using LEED NC they are not eligble to earn either EQ 3.1 or 3.2 until _________
all interior construction has been completed.
IAQ testing of one floor should not be presumed to be presentative of ____________within a building.
other floors
When filtration media is replaced immediately prior to building flush-out, the replacemtn filtration media may be the same required to be installed following construction in EQ 3.1.This means:
If you flush out and are going for other credits, you have to replace the filter 2 times.  Once before you flush out and once after.
All ________ needs to be finalized and all furniture needs to be installed prior to flush-out.  Final test and balancing  shoulbe be completed and HVAC control should be furnctional, particularly if the occupants will be moving in during the second phase of flush-out.
Construction IA Management Plan
is a document specific to a building project that outlines meausre to minimize contamination in the building during construction and to flush the building of contaminants prior to occupancy
HVAC Systems
include heating, ventialting and air-conditioning systems used to provide thermal comfort and ventilation for building interiors.