EQ 4.5

EQ 4.5Low-Emitting Materials: Systems Furniture & Seating
Any furniture less than 1 year old must be Greengaurd IAQ certifiedORemissions must be less than those specified by the EPAPTS 1
Systems Furniture & Seating intent
Reduce teh quantity of indoor air contminants that are odorous, potentially irritatin and or harmful to the comfort and wellbeing of installers and occupants.
All systems furnitrue and seating introducted into the project space that has been manufactured, refurbished within on year prior to occupancy must _________________.
meet one of the requirements
Opt A
Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified
Opt B
Calculated indoo air concentration that are less than equal to those established in Table 1 for furniture systems and seating determined by a procedure based on the ETV Large Chamber Test Protocol for Measuring Emissions of VOCs and Aldehydes testing protocol conducted in an independent air quality testing lab.
Systems furniture
is defined as either a panel-based workstation comprised of modular interconnecting panels, hang-on components and drawer/filing components or a free-standing grouping of furniture items and their components that have been designed to work in concert.
Furniture other than systems furniture and task and desk seating used with the systems furniture is defined as
occasional furniture and is excluded from the credit requirements