EQ 5

EQ 5Indoor Chemical Pollutant Source Control
Provide permanent dirst collection grates at all entries (outdoor but covered or vestibules) AND where chemicals are present (copy room) use deck to deck partitions with separate ventilation systems AND provide containment drains for chemicals AND air handlers should have a MERV of at least 13PT 1
Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control Intent
Minimize exposure of building occupants to potentially hazardous particulates, biological contaminants and chemcail pollutants that adversely impact air and water quality
Emply permanent entryway systems ________ to capture dirt, particulates etc. from entering the building at all high volume exterior entryways within the tenant area
grills, grates etcnot floor mats
Where hazardous gases or chemicals may be present or used (including housekeeping, laundry areas and copy/print rooms (like kinko’s size)) provide segragated areas with __________ with separate outside exhausting at a rate of at least 0.5 cutft per minute per sqft, no air recirculation and operated at a negative pressure compared with the surrounding spaces of at least an average of 5 PA and with a minimum of 1 PA when the doors to the rooms are closed
deck to deck partitions
Provide __________________ plumbed for appropriate disposal of hazardous liquid wasts in spaces where water and chemical concentrate mixing occurs for maintenance, or laboratory purposes.
containment drains
Provide regularly occupied areas of the tenant space with new air filtration media prior to occupancy that provides a MERV of
13 or better.
Althought encouraged, designing exhaust systems that account for convenience copier and printer use is:
not a required part of this credit.