Life is Art In human nature, life is the most precious living moments. In everyone’s life often have to go through much of different circumstances, such as happy moments, enjoyable moments, disappointed, sad or even the worst moments that came so unexpectedly. For this essay, I chose to write about enjoyable moments. In my theory living in life is to learn, experience, creative and giving. So why not cherish very moments that we are having, as life is short. Fife as the ability express feeling through art and the result is the creativities of a fine piece of work.

As the phrase quote “art is long life is short’ (oxford dictionary). Art is the expression, creative, and imagination of human, the creative skill such as paintings, sculptures making, photographing drawing music writing, dancing and crafting. Art is life which can’t be defined as just a definition; it is showing through a product Of a creative mind. As we all know, everyone must have a hidden art talent. Some like to paint, some like to photograph as to observe the nature and the surroundings, some like to write music others like to dance. That who’s like to use knife or chisel doing wood carving is the best.

My favorite art is crochet. It can be called as a hobby, but like to call it as an art. Because in art uses creative ideas and practices so same as for hobby. There are different techniques for each of art works. As for painting, an artist can sketch on drawing paper using special kind of art pencils, perhaps on canvas as he or she become profession. There are liquid art colors that can be painted on canvas as well, this must use brushes. I’ve seen paintings that just looked like colors spilled on canvas. To me, it was unexplainable a piece of art work, but I think that paintings must have a peer history meaning to it.

Another form of art is woodcut – this technique is carving and image into a block of wood using handled gouger, knife or chisel. This is a very tedious works and patients. Theater dancing also is a form of art, such as ballets. The performance is non-verbal communication, can only express in body movements, and emotions. December last year, took my children to the Houston Theater to see the Nutcracker. I have to say, it was the most amazing performance we ever seen. From the way they tip toes dance in the white flat shoes as the music was playing.

Their facial expressions were showing every moment. Each character performed a terrific job and the uniforms were perfect. I would love to see it again, but have planned to take my children to see the Sheen Yuan show instead. As the holiday approach, I usually crochet several projects as gift for friends and family members. Crochet is something I like to do in leisure time. I learned to crochet through my friend’s mother. She is an expert crafter. Crochet is art since 19th century’, defined as creative skill or mastery; it is a needle technique using a crochet hook and material from yarn.

The method is simple just using one hook to pulled loops of yarn through other loops to make fabric. When I was going to expect the first child, wanted to learn to make something as handmade and as a memorable. My first project was a pink baby cap, then a baby afghan. They were pretty and the patterns are easy to understand as well. I know that crocheting for charitable causes could also be a good gifts giving for the holidays. My favorite places for charities are local school, Michael craft store, and Joanna. I usually crochet extra scarves and caps donated to the big red gift box.