Essay Assign

He mentions the hierarchy of an airline cockpit, math ability in certain countries, and a heritage of hard work. Although seemingly non-related, he connects his examples with a theory. How does cultural background influence behavior both positively and negatively, according to Malcolm Caldwell? Do you agree with Caldwell? Can ultra background be overcome? Should it be?

How can our cultural tendencies be used to their best advantage? Synthesize the various experiences, facts and ideas from the chapters we have read to fully support your essay, using a mix Of summary, paraphrase and quotation. Analyze your points with original thought. Criteria for a Successful Essay: A well-organized and well-developed expository essay, 3-4 pages (750-1000 words) An introduction that includes enough background information to cake your ideas clear to a reader who is not familiar with the book (summary of ideas) and a clear thesis statement.

Include a citation of the author and title of the book. Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence (P), clear evidence and relevant examples(E), followed by your own analysis(A). Conclusion should revisit idea of thesis and tell why what you have said is important.