Essay Choice C

Their apparent motivations may vary, but there is always that overarching reason behind it all: the sense of fulfillment when you did what you can, both small and great, to uplift your society. For me, this thought is ever present whenever do something to serve others around me. In all the services I rendered and will render to my community, there is always the thought that I am doing these things because there is that indispensable feeling of fulfillment. There are several simple things I am doing for the service of those around e, and the first one is community service.

One of the main reasons why I joined the Boy Scouts of the Philippines and Red Cross is so that could render services to my community through survival and first aid skills. Many times was I able to stop a wound from bleeding, stop a muscle from cramps, tend a broken arm, and such others because of my training in these two organizations; and though I do not pray for it, I could say that in times of disaster I am one of those who would be providing physical care to those who are in need.

The services one can render to a community does not stop with First Aid alone, however. Though this one may seem unimportant, it actually is crucial to involve oneself in endeavourers to increase the youth’s awareness on social issues. Joined the YES-O and other youth forums for this reason: to help people my age to be more aware of the problems in our society-?improper waste segregation, smoking, pollution, UN-education. This awareness, in turn, would drive them to think of ways to solve the mentioned problems, thus an improvement in the society.

These small things are what a teenager can do and is doing. There could always be something more, and vow to myself that there would be. Since I am taking up education, I can easily see myself sharing more knowledge; educating more students; transforming more lives for the better.