Essay Final Draft

If one can not make good decisions then what is the p mint in surviving in the first place? As it says in the short story “Deep Survival” a 17 year old girl “d didn’t spend time bemoaning her fate” (Gonzales 326). If she would have thought about her fate , she would not have been able to get to a hunter’s cabin, and gotten help. Another example, n the short story Night brothers are talking and one says “Lets stay together; it will make us stronger ” (Weasel 308). With this thought, they made a rational decision. They stuck together an made it through that selection.

But that’s not the only thing that can affect one’s survival. The second survival characteristic is having a positive mental attitude. If you d o not have the will to survive then one’s body will slowly shut down. And if one does not have a positive mental state, all one will be thinking is negative thoughts, and by the time one got to where they needed to go, they will have been half way dead. In the short story “Deep Sure avail” the 17 year old girl “had a plan the she believed in” (Gonzales 326). If she did not believe I n her plan, then Willet 2 he would have stayed with the others and died.

Also in the short story Night some old men said “You’re lucky to have been brought in here so late” (Weasel 308). If they though HTH differently then they would have done bad on the selection tests. And finally the last characteristic, adaptability. In the short story “Deep survival l” the 17 year old girl had to adjust to the jungle atmosphere and little to no food. It as yes, “Her father had told her if she went downhill she would find water, and water usually led to CIA violation” (Gonzales 326). If she had not adapted to this plan then she would have died tit the others.

Also in the short story Hotel Rwanda Reassigning had to adjust to him only having “a cooler full of drinks,” and “a stack Of cash” (CRY). They had to adapt to this so that the eye could live through the genocide. Although these mainly affect your surviving, there are other factors that play a role too. The three most important characteristics to survival is rationality, a positive m attitude and adaptability. But, there are others that could help one survive, of r example ones selfishness, focus, plan making ability, decision making and commitment.