Essay On Individuality

Conformists are those whom are dependent on the opinions of others. As a result, they change their appearance, morals, or even sometimes feelings in order to be accepted by a group of people. In contrast, to be a nonconformist you are completely the opposite. You are not dependent on the approval of others, so you do things for your own satisfaction. Although these two classifications are different there is a thin line between them. No one wants to be seen as follower, so some people try to show the world that they are a nonconformist.

Fees claims, “… Most antisocial freaks, in their obsession with displaying their freakishness, are just s dependent on others’ opinions as personalizing socialites. ” (Par. 2) Those who try extremely hard to prove that they are not a conformist, in the long run end up being one . They ARP for society’s attention. Being a nonconformist or in other words a “freak” is one of the many things society looks down on. We as the people of our nation, fear the freaks and the loners of society, those who don’t seek the permission of other s.

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Fey argues, “Conformity can be seen as the world’s most common but dangerous psychological disorder. ” (Par. 6) In society everyone is obsessed with not being an outcast, or in other words, everyone wants to be liked. This causes people to give up their individuality hoping they can fit in. People also surrender their distinctiveness to the will the school, the workplace, the family, etc. There are rules to follow at school and work. There are even rules to follow at home. This makes it difficult to be your own individual. Specifically, living in society makes it difficult to be your own individual.

Tom Leopard, better known as Leopard Man, is a great example of how different people have different reactions to the erasures of society. If you haven’t already knew Leopard Man, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the world’s most tattooed man. He has 99. 2% of his body tattooed from head to toe in leopard spots. Now most people might hear this and automatically assume, his reason for getting this extreme and ordinary tattoo is for a popularity and attention gain. But unlike most people who have extreme tattoos, hair, and or piercing, Leopard Man does not seek the approval nor attention of others.

In fact, Leopard Man lives in a small bin in the Scottish wilderness. He only enters society when he needs food and supplies. Fees states, “Leopard Man unlike so many millions of people who are slaves to society’s demands is happy. ” Leopard Man is not considered an attentiveness freak. He doesn’t live for the reactions of others. Leopard Man separates himself from society which frees him from social pressures. N owe don’t get me wrong, society is not a horrible place. There are lots of benefits from participating in society. Society can bring you lots of happiness and joy.

But too much society can take a toll on your individuality It is difficult to have your own India dual unique set of goals, morals, feelings, and even your own appearance while taking part in the activities of society. Most of the time you should engage in society, but once in a while take a break. Give yourself the satisfaction of having your own individuality. Give yourself the satisfaction of being free and not thinking about how others are going to judge you. Everyone should be a part of society, but you must have a strong e enough will to enter and leave society on your own terms.