Essay on most dangerous sentence in the world

People form bonds with other people based on memories. If something is forgotten, that is so dangerous because adjust wipes away the entire reason for action. I think that “l forgot” is such a dangerous sentence also due to the fact that it can’t be substantiated as true or false under nearly any circumstance. Therefore, it can be a perfect excuse for people who intentionally do something wrong, but it can also be a desperate plea of someone who really suffered from memory loss and did something they regretted or didn’t do meeting they were supposed to do due to that lack of memory.

It is scary to forget something because you truly have no idea on what to base your next action. It may not seem that “l forgot” is such a dangerous sentence because it has hardly any power. But it is the fact that saying it means something horrible–that is what makes it dangerous. I suppose the action of forgetting is what is dangerous. But it also does have somewhat of a power. It can make or break someone’s day. I don’t imagine any parent wants o walk in and say, “Have you written your essay for college?

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It’s due tomorrow,” and hear their child reply, “Oh, forgot. ” And on the same note, nobody should have to hear, “l forgot [you]. ” That sentence has been spoken or implied, specifically by people with Alchemist’s disease or another type of medical problem which has caused memory loss. The pain that someone would feel if they were to find out that a loved one no longer knew them, no longer remembered all of the things they had experienced with them, that is hat gives forgetting its power.

That absolute destruction of a relationship that could be caused by memory loss is just another reason that the phrase, “l forgot” is so dangerous. “l forgot” is the most dangerous sentence (or partial sentence) because it is the only thing in the world that could take any single thing and completely demolish it.