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Choose one of the central motifs used in the text and explain how it helps us understand the central issues. The importance of individuality against normality. “The 1 Mom Question” is an award-winning, young adult novel written by Kate De Gold. Set in New Zealand, the book explores the life oaf 12 year old boy Frankie Parsons with a voice of anxiety that is constantly forming questions inside his head. After the arrival of a new girl at school, Franker’s routine shaped life is turned upside down and he is forced to confront the pm question that he has been reluctant to ask.

While the book explores numerous themes, one concept is very clear throughout the text, the importance Of individuality against normality. “Do you think I’m normal? ” he said in a rush. “What is normal? ” sighed Ma. (peg. 7) This quotation is a bold example of the main characters thoughts on normality, whilst Frankie requires reassurance to believe that he can be categorized as normal, Ma makes a central point in which she voices the doubt of there being any normality at all.

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The simplicity of the words used, help the reader elaborate on the feelings felt by the characters, although Frankie fears being unusual or odd, Ma feels as though the meaning of normality has been altered and in reality there is in fact no way that a judgment can be made. The use of the word normal is utilized in order to confront current issues faced by young adults, the way in which society is being forced to function under a set of standards that compel young adults to limit their individuality and sense of self.