Ethical Values in Leadership Essay

That’s the Law of Consistency. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. It doesn’t matter how many opportunities you receive. If you want to grow, consistency is key” (Maxwell, 2014 p. 69-70). Discipline has such a strong impact on ethics in this century. There must be a form of discipline for every form of achievement. Your ethical standards can range from not wanting to be a leader and not caring what you do with your own life that God has given and created for you to liver or to being the best you can set your mind to, to be the best leader anyone has ever seen in their lifetime.

Leadership depends on your own faith to believe in yourself. You must live in yourself to do well, succeed, and be able to push people to do just as well. Your average individual would assume if someone told them to have faith in themselves, they would have to believe in God, or be religious. That is not the case. People can have faith, not attend church every Sunday, or have even stepped foot into a church throughout their lifetime. Having faith simply means when you put your mind to achieve a goal, you won’t stop until you reach it. Having faith means you trust others when they tell you something.

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Having faith means that you have the trust to push people to their fullest, and attach people achieve great things, along with yourself. “This shift has left the legacy of mostly silent believers, who no longer talk about their faith in public settings. They may occasionally talk about their values, but mostly with no reference to the basis of these values in a religious worldview” (Banks, Powell, 2000 p. 6). Personally know quite a few people who may assume it is a shame to believe in their own faith and the values they have for their future.

They will not talk about any of them in public, but they are still there, sitting in silence. People should not judge a book by its cover, such as judging someone eased on their values and the faith they believe in. Have confidence in yourself to express how you feel about anything and everything. Personal Vision and Experience in Leadership What it seen through my eyes as right and wrong may not be seen as right and wrong in the eyes of someone else. Each individual in this world has their own views on how they choose to live each day and what they choose to do with their time.

Some people choose to think the inns over multiple times before going ahead with it, while others do not think twice about it before they jump into a situation. On a universal note, most people pair something s wrong if the outcome of it is bad, doesn’t turn out the way they would want it, they will be judged poorly for the wrong reasons, or something as simple as a quick eye judgment up and down on you. Looking at something with the intentions that it is the right thing to do can make your mind race with so many questions. Will the end result be in my favor?

Will people judge me? What will God think? (Normally people who are not religious will not think this question). Would my family approve? Will this decision change my future? There are so many questions that run through my own mind when I am questions a situation being right or wrong. As I have been a leader in a previous workplace in the more recent past, I had visions, ethics, goals, strategies, and ideas to be successful and help the team I was in charge of. “I’ve never met an effective leader who wasn’t aware of his talents and working to sharpen them” (Rata, Cochise, 2009 p. 0). As far back as I can remember I’ve always set goals for myself for when I became a leader. If you are an individual who plans to succeed as a leader, you must be willing to constantly want to make those ideas and goals superior than ever before. When was given the chance to be in the leadership role at my previous job, I made sure my ethics Of right and wrong were headed in the right direction to make the company worked for respect their choices to make me a leader. My vision of a leader is to be the best can be, which for most people is their vision.

My vision is to see myself as someone most people I surround myself with, and people I do not know to look up to me as a role model, and for my future children to look at what I have accomplished within my lifetime as something they want to do as well. The vision have for myself as a leader includes the ethics I believe in. I am the type of person to think extremely hard about each situation that may be questionable to being right or wrong. I want only the best for myself and my close family and friends.

The standards I set for myself, and for what I will deal with are set mediocre. I set them this way, so I am always achieving them above and beyond what I originally set out to. Some may question why I don’t set them as high as possible, but for me, setting them lower and achieving them at a higher point on my scale of success helps the self-esteem that have always had trouble with. Although cost leaders do not show signs of having self-esteem issues, I feel that they all do. There is always something that they do that sets them off and presses the wrong button.

I do not let others know set my standards at a mediocre level, but to let them know they are set as high as can achieve them at. The vision I have in my mind with myself as a leader shows that can accomplish anything I set my mind to. The one thing always take into consideration when I am making goals while being a leader is my ethics and my background behind it. My morals have following me for as long as I can remember. I attend Sunday school and church communion every Sunday until I was around the age of ten. There wasn’t a single week where I missed either.

I learned so much about God, his disciples, and how to be successful. Was taught that Jesus was a successful leader that showed his leaders that anything is possible. That is what I took as one of the most important things took from all those lessons over the entire decade of learning them. Never give up on anything. Mistakes are proof that you’ve tried. Eve been saying this line for years to people I run into who have given up on themselves or cannot seem to complete a task they’ve set out to do. Eve learned that multiple instantly grow a huge grin when they hear those words.

My vision is to inspire people to do the best they can, and to be the best person they’ve ever imagined being. Personal dervish Style and Career in Ethics The leadership style I have fallen into is quite simple. I plan easy ideas that know can be accomplished within a reasonable time, don’t take on too much at one time (l know my limit), and I make sure each individual am leading IS falling right in place. All of these seem to fall within my ethics, and what I see as right and wrong, my normal standards for almost everything, and what I alee as being successful.

When a leader takes on too much at one time, they are more likely to fall. I learned while in high school what the limit was that I was able to push myself to. Fell quite a few times trying to find this limit, and when I finally found it, I thought about it, what ethical values I have, and compromised in the middle to always set my standards mediocre, along with only taking on enough that can handle and that I would approve myself based on my ethics and standards set for I personally.

Early on I chose to go into the business field, wanting to specialize in marketing. My career requires ethics, at least to for one believe this is true. In any type of business, you should live by your ethics. They can take you far within your field. What you believe is wrong or right, what you believe in, the standards you have. All of this has such a vital role in the part you play in your career. The ethics I live by are very articulate and important in my everyday life.

In my career, I choose to follow such ethics so I am able to be a successful leader in the eyes of just not I personally, but each and every person I encounter. Within the Business field of Marketing, everything you do is so precise. Each thing you do must be perfect. Your ideas for a company are seen by millions, and one little mistake can cost the company millions of dollars. I always make sure that each decision I make within my career field is thought over twice, looked over by a superior to okay the idea/suggestion/plan, and to make sure the final project is perfect.

My ethical vision for myself in my career is to set the bars high, achieve them, know right from wrong, and to never lower my standards. My career means so much to me, that I am willing to enroll in as much schooling needed to succeed in the goals have set for myself. I do not Lana on stopping at any point until am completely satisfied with the end result, which is owning a sports bar and grill of my own, with only the best employees that know and trust, a great relationship with each of them, and to have a business that is successful in every aspect.