They have cell wall that are made of pedagogical They have varied shapes Basic Shapes of Bacteria I Cisco They are differently arranged They can form pairs (duplicitous), chains (streptococcus), or clusters (staphylococcus) They are spherical in shape 20 Bacilli They can also occur in chains (streptococcus’s) SSH ape 3. ) Spiral They are spiral in shape Premeditation “Oil-eating bacteria” Scientists at University of the Valetudinarianism’s Molecular Microbiology

Laboratory have identified a number of bacteria which can help solve the problem of oil spills in oceans and seas through this technology. These are Pseudonymous reassuring, Counteracted banning, Penicillin’s authentications, Bordello bronchitis’s and Lackadaisically spherical. Another group of bacteria, the contractible are plantlike because they have chi Raptorial-contain ins cells. Most of them are conscienceless, some form filaments, while others form spores. Contractible grow in ditches, ester’s, or in moist places like gardens and

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In Northern Luzon, people eat raw Tab-tab (Nonstop) as salad. Spiraling cells are rich in protein, thus, have been grown to produce Single Cell Protein (SSP). It is used as swine and cattle feed and is also recommended as food for humans. Examples of contractible are Langley, Microcode’s, Oscillator, Nonstop, and Spiraling. Enable azalea, another counterclaim is important in agriculture. It converts nitrogen in air into compounds usable by plants for growth and development. The same being done by the Rhizome group of bacteria.

They are present in the root nodules of legumes. Certain bacteria, like Bacillus trustworthiness, have been developed into a microbial pesticide. It is used to control pests and insects carrying disease-causing BAD BACTERIA LEPIDOPTERIST Did you hear about the rise of lepidopterist in frequently flooded places within the country? Lepidopterist is a infection due to exposure to a bacteria called, Lepidopterist interrogate. This bacteria is mostly present in the urine of rats but can also be found in cattle, pigs, horses and wild animals.

Nobody is safe against this disease, you can be infected through soil, water and food. It is preventable by using antibiotics. ANTHRAX Bacteria also cause diseases in animals. Bacillus anthracic is responsible for the disease called anthrax. This bacteria is found in soil and can sun,’vive for many years. This disease affects ruminants but can be transmitted to humans. There are types of anthrax: Skin Anthrax (most common in the Philippines) – occurs through contact with animal tissues or their products.

Inhalation Anthrax – occurs through inhaling spores from soil or decayed meat with anthrax. Intestinal Anthrax – occurs through ingesting contaminated or uncooked meat. * In the early sass’s there was a worldwide threat of using anthrax spores to kill people which is called a biological warfare. Antibiotics Antibiotics are substances that kill or inhibit disease-causing organisms. Examples of it are streptomycin it is used to treat tuberculosis and Streptomycin Venezuela produces chlorination that kills bacteria that causes typhoid fever and skin infections.