Ever also able to develop management skills while


Ever since I was a child, I have always
wondered how can such small structures like our eyes let us see the world. The
curiosity and fascination I had, as a child has been a precursor to my career
choice. My desire to serve the community is what sparked my interest to pursue
a career as an Optometrist.


            My first exposure to the medical
field was when I started working as a Pharmacy Technician at Omnicare Pharmacy.

As a long term pharmacy care, our job was to provide medications to independent
and skilled nursing facilities. As a technician, my job was to fill each
medication with accuracy and efficiency. I gained valuable knowledge of
different medications and also learned the importance of compassion and integrity.

I was also able to develop management skills while working as a technician.


My aspiration to pursue a career in the
field of optometry became more evident when I started visiting my optometrist.

Soon, I realized the impact an optometrist makes in a patient’s life. My
dedication and passion increased even more when I started to work as an Optometric
Technician at Burlington Optometric Associates. As a technician, I got the
opportunity to interact with different patients and doctors and gain hands-on
experience in the field. Working as a technician, I not only gained confidence
but it has also enabled me to enhance my communication skills. The most
satisfying part of my job was I saw patients leaving with a smile on their
face. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a technician because it gave me a
valuable insight into the field of Optometry and strengthened my passion to
pursue a career as an Optometrist. 


I recently also got the opportunity to
shadow Dr. Sutherland at Nashua Eye Associates. It was an amazing experience to
meet and connect with the doctors. I learned that optometrists not only help
patients maximize their vision, they also help manage and treat some eye
conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts. During my time at Nashua Eye
Associates, I was surprised to see how the doctors spend most of their time
making the patients feel comfortable rather than refraction. The most important
thing I learned is that it is very essential to address the patient’s concerns
and make them feel pleasant rather than to focus their entire attention on
getting the perfect refraction. At the end of the day, the only thing that
matters is that how welcoming you make the patient feel and how comfortable the
patient feels with you.  


I got the opportunity to see how the
doctor interacts with different patients from children to the elderly.  As doctors, it is very important to listen to
the patients concern and address it.


My future goal is to become a successful optometrist
and to make advancements in the field of optometry. I also want to give back to
the community through research and by providing adequate vision care to the general


Optometry is a profession where you can
make a real difference in a person’s life and giving the gift of vision is the
most gratifying reward of this profession. As vision is such an integral part
of our life it is essential that we take care of it properly and accurately. The
experience and knowledge I have gained, as an optometric technician will prove
beneficial as I further my education in Optometry. My devotion and
determination to pursue a career as an Optometrist is demonstrated through my
academic and work experiences thereby I sincerely request you to consider my
application as a potential candidate for your university. I look forward to
hearing from you. Thank you so much for your time!